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Fire Prevention Week
october 5-11, 2014
The Fremont Tribune would like you to join us in supporting Fire
Prevention Week by sponsoring a page dedicated to the fine Men and
Women of the Fremont and Rural Fire Departments.

Sponsorship(s) Include:
Your company logo/name
in color shown below the
photo of the sponsored
Firefighter(s) of your choice.

John Smith

Firefighter Only Sponsorship
1 Firefighter - $48
2 or more Firefighters - $43 each
Display Ad & Firefighter Sponsorship
2c x 3” Display Ad & 2 Firefighters
B&W - $85 Color - $105
4c x 3” Display Ad & 4 Firefighters
B&W - $145 Color - $180

Contact your Classified Advertising
Consultant Today! (402) 941-2527


Creative and search boost charges may apply


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