Details for 12/6 TRIBUNE Front

Help Santa’s Wish List With Gift Cards + Fill Your Tank! GIFT CARDS EL SAVER U F EA R N EL SAVER U F EA R N 10 GALLO OFF GIFT CARDS 20 ¢ OFF ER N N ER P P OFF 100 = $ EL SAVER U F EA R N ¢ ¢ ER GIFT CARDS P 5 50 = $ GALLO N 25 = $ GALLO Excludes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Hy-Vee gift cards. Also excludes American Express Serves, PayPower, Netspend, Paypal, and Green Dot pre-paid debit cards. These card partners are not sponsors of this program. Subjuect to availabilty. See gift cards for details, terms conditions and (if applicable) fees. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. RN A E PE O FF O 2200 N ¢ R G A LL where convenience meets care No prescription necessary if 60 years or older •FLU/INFLUENZA • This will allow us to fill your maintenance medications 4-5 days prior to when you need them. Adult or Children 6 years or older •PREVNAR13®: Pneumonia Recommended for 65 years or older •PNEUMOVAX®23: Pneumonia ER P •TDAP: Whooping Cough 20 OFF ¢ N •ZOSTAVAX: Shingles Vaccine Sign up for our Repeat Fefills* program and earn 20 cents off per gallon. EA R N GALLO • If you are out of refills we will fax your doctor so that you won’t have to wait. • If we happen to be out of stock this will give us adequate time to have the product available for you. *Only on applicable insurance plans. •Free Local Deliveries •Shop While Your Prescription is Filled •Automated Prescription Refills •Experienced Pharmacies •Drive-Thru Service •Medication Therapy Management •Immunizations •We Accept All Medicare-D Approved Cards, •Unsurpassed Pharmaceutical Care and Services •Fast, Freindly Services •Flexible Spending Accounts, Payflex and Debit Cards

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