Tara Lea

The Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce offers many valuable programs and services to the community; a shining example of this is the leadership development programs delivered by Leadership Fremont and the Youth Leadership Academy.

With this year’s programs getting underway, now is the ideal time to celebrate the way both programs contribute to the community. Countless times the Chamber hears from graduates that, for some of them, despite having been born, raised and educated in Fremont they’ve learned things about their community that surprised them. “I was amazed by the diversity of our economic base,” is an example of a recent response.

Essentially, people entering the leadership programs get lessons on what they don’t know about Fremont coupled to personal skills development delivered by Dale Carnegie and as an additional bonus added during the past few years the StrengthFinders assessment. Upon graduation, they are better prepared to lead the growth and development of our community.

This is another way the Fremont Chamber THINKS LOCAL. We’re growing and developing our own community leadership. Instilling knowledge, providing useful tools and answering the riddle of “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Since 2007, nearly 250 graduates of the adult program have assumed roles on non-profit boards of directors or other leadership positions. And, they’re more well-rounded assets to their employers.

Over 100 high school juniors have completed the Youth Leadership Academy since its introduction in 2010. We believe they will have, among other things, a better understanding of Fremont’s economy and the career ladders available to them. Through its immersive one-day segments over nine months, the program is designed to improve chances that they’ll choose to stay or return to Fremont.

Leadership students learn a lot about our town. Not too big and not too small. Close enough to enjoy big city amenities but still a place where you know your neighbors. It’s a place where you can be connected and make a difference. Our premise is that civic leaders who know and understand the community will be in a better position to choose growth and development that enhances and doesn’t detract.

The Fremont Chamber’s leadership programs produce well-informed citizens who are well-equipped to forge Fremont’s future.

Tara Lea is the Executive Director of the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce located at 128 East Sixth St., in Fremont. She can be reached at 402-721-2641 or tara@fremontne.org.


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