At the most recent Fremont Chamber Coffee on Tuesday, a sizeable crowd gathered at H&R Block’s Bell Street offices as current and past employees came to celebrate with owner Kathy Moll on 50 years with the company.

Although she had to step away from her daily duties at the company several years ago due to health issues, employees certainly haven’t forgot about Moll and all the things she did to make the tax office feel less like a business and more like a family.

“She was a great mentor and she is family, we are all family now and a lot of that is because of Kathy,” Tax Associate Donna Church said.

Church has worked at the business for 34 years, and along with Tax Analyst Clara Perry and Tax Specialist Sally Hiebenthal, makes up a nucleus of employees that worked under Moll for many years.

“This is my 41st year,” Perry said. “I saw an ad in the paper for the H&R Block tax class and I decided to enroll and Kathy was teaching it at that time. So she taught the class and then hired me and has been such a lovely person to work for, that’s why we have all stayed so long.”

According to Perry, one of the reasons she’s at H&R Block for so many years is Moll’s hard work and dedication to her employees and clients.

“She’s always been very fair, and she always worked harder than any of us,” she said. “She would be here at four o’clock in the morning and would be the last person to leave. I think it is important for employees to see the dedication of their employers and when you have an employer that is so dedicated and loves what she does, it instills that love into you.”

Before becoming the owner of her own franchise, Moll worked for H&R Block Corporate.

“She started out at corporate at Jersey City and in Lincoln, and she ended up buying this franchise here,” Kim Beam, tax associate and Moll’s sister-in-law, said. “And although she is not in the best of health her mind is still there, if her body hadn’t given out she would still be going today.”

When Moll’s health forced her to step away from the business, it was difficult for all of her longtime employees, but the change was made smoother as her brother Greg Beam took stepped in.

“It was hard for all of us,” Hiebenthal said. “Her brother Greg has been a big part in making the transition smooth, without him I don’t know if it would have worked.”

According to Perry, Beam shares a lot of the same characteristics as his sister.

“He’s like Kathy they’re both very outgoing, fair, and hard working,” she said. “Like her he’s here to open in the morning and closes at night, he locks the door after the last person is out.”

Along with being hard workers, Beam and Moll also shared another trait that makes life at the tax office a little more fun.

“Her and her brother have another thing in common, they like to play jokes on us,” Hiebenthal said. “Kathy had this statue and she would have Greg set it around, it might be peaking through the ceiling tiles, you would never know where it would pop up.”

For all of H&R Block’s longtime employees, even with Moll not being able to be around the office anymore they still don’t want to let their boss down.

“When you work with someone for so long you have a dedication to that person, and who would want to let her down?” Perry asked rhetorically.



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