Four Cass County students left a musical trail through seven European countries as they traveled with the Nebraska Ambassadors of Music.

Arianna Erixson (choir) of Conestoga High School, Erwin Thakur (alto saxophone), Travis Grafe-Cline (choir) and Michaela Horn (alto saxophone), all of Weeping Water, traveled to England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy and Germany from June 9-24.

They served as Nebraska Ambassadors of Music under the direction of Don and Barbara Johnson of Fremont.

The Ambassadors’ Four Performing Ensembles performed in each city they stayed in. The students were given many opportunities to learn about the history and culture of each country.

There were more than 250 musicians, staff and family members on the tour including Conestoga choir director Amanda Bair and Conestoga band director Dwight Rose, members of the Ambassador staffs since 1997. Alan Horn, Denise Horn, Eric Horn, Barbara MicKillip Erixson and Renee Thakur also traveled with the group.