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Conestoga and Louisville

NORFOLK – Conestoga and Louisville students made award-winning presentations this weekend against scores of speech competitors from across the state.

The two Cass County teams traveled to Norfolk on Saturday for the Norfolk Panther Classic. Louisville placed eighth of 40 schools and Conestoga collected 11th place. Millard North and Lincoln East took the top two spots in the team race.

Students could advance to championship finals, next-in finals or merit finals at the meet due to the large number of teams and individuals. Conestoga’s Jacob Drake and Jessica Williams each earned medals in the championship finals. Williams placed fifth in persuasive speaking and Drake was sixth in extemporaneous speaking. Caylin Maier, David Carlton and Kiera Mendoza won honors in the next-in finals and merit finals.

Louisville had multiple students capture medals in the next-in finals. Ethan Michalski, Julian Covington, Parker Manley, Michael Rupp, Drake Sayre, Reiley Reed and Sophie Habrock all earned awards in the division.

The Lions also had several students win honors in the merit finals. Rupp, Casey Mason, Joey Gruber, Maxton Yarnell, Meagan Hay and Peyton Banks all claimed awards for Louisville.

Top 25 Team Results

Millard North 556, Lincoln East 497, Omaha Brownell-Talbot 315, David City 261, Columbus Lakeview 154, Raymond Central 154, Humphrey 141, Louisville 121, Battle Creek 107, Boone Central 87, Conestoga 79, Plainview 76, Crofton 61, Wisner-Pilger 47, Wayne 44, Douglas County West 40, Hartington-Newcastle 37, Wakefield 31, Omaha Marian 31, Omaha Creighton Prep 24, Stanton 21, Wynot 20, Keya Paha County 20, Lincoln Southeast 19, Clearwater-Orchard 15

Conestoga Results

Extemporaneous Speaking: Jacob Drake (6th, championship finals), Caylin Maier (5th, merit finals)

Persuasive Speaking: Jessica Williams (5th, championship finals)

Duet Acting: David Carlton and Kiera Mendoza (3rd, merit finals)

Oral Interpretation of Poetry: Kiera Mendoza (2nd, next-in finals)

Louisville Results

Oral Interpretation of Drama: Drake Sayre, Parker Manley, Reiley Reed (6th, next-in finals), Casey Mason, Joey Gruber, Maxton Yarnell, Meagan Hay, Michael Rupp (5th, merit finals)

Oral Interpretation of Humorous Prose: Sophie Habrock (3rd, next-in finals), Peyton Banks (2nd, merit finals)

Persuasive Speaking: Meagan Hay (4th, merit finals)

Entertainment Speaking: Ethan Michalski (5th, next-in finals)

Extemporaneous Speaking: Julian Covington (6th, next-in finals)

Impromptu Speaking: Parker Manley (4th, next-in finals), Michael Rupp (6th, next-in finals)


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