Dan Witte, owner of Witte Physical Therapy in Louisville, launched a program during the 2015-16 school year to recognize outstanding youth in area communities.

Every other week, Witte announced a new Student of the Week. As Witte has done in the past, he is sharing his choices with The Journal so the students receive positive recognition for their accomplishments.

This week the Student of the Week is Sarah Riha. She is a freshman at Louisville High School. His activities include one act, choir, show choir, and other activities. She is the daughter of Scott and Anne Riha.

She was nominated for these reasons:

She has taken on multiple roles for the play as a freshmen and excelled in both

She takes direction well and never has to be given directions twice

Takes care of what she is given to manage more seriously than her predecessors

Is able to take the critiques and works with the directors to make changes

Sarah, Scott, and Anne are invited to stop by (we are located under the water tower in Louisville), call (402.234.3333) or email (dan@wittephysicaltherapy.com) to get their Witte Physical Therapy T-shirts OR water bottle!

The next Student of the Week will be selected on 1/23/17. All nominations are due by 1/19/17 to dan@wittephysicaltherapy.com


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