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The last couple of weeks have been busy in Lincoln. Committees have finished their public hearings on this year’s bills and the Legislature has moved into all-day debate.

On February 28 the Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board had good news. The state revenue forecast was increased by $55 million. They increased the current fiscal year by $25 million and added $30 million for next fiscal year, which ends June 30, 2019.

I voted to put the increase into our Cash Reserve Fund rather than spending it. The motion passed. This will help keep funds available for property tax relief.

The Appropriations Committee will be finalizing the budget adjustment bills this week. Our committee will then send the proposed budget adjustments to the floor for debate.

I am waiting to see what property tax relief measures come to the floor. Property taxes continue to be a top concern. I support increased, affordable, tax relief.

LB 773, my priority bill that updates the intimidation by telephone law to include intimidation by electronic communication, was debated and advanced to the second round of debate on Wednesday Feb 28 with a vote of 38-0.

It’s time for police and prosecutors to have the ability to effectively stop serious threats, intimidation, and harassment done by electronic communications.

I enjoyed meeting with the 4th graders from Eagle Elementary on Feb. 27. One of the more enjoyable privileges of representing Legislative District 2 is spending time with the students from the district as they study our state government. It is always fun to hear the questions they ask.

As always, I really appreciate hearing from you on important matters. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff for information on legislative bills or if I may be of assistance. Please reach me at: Senator Rob Clements, 1523 State Capitol, Lincoln, NE 68509 (402-471-2613), or at my email:


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