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Construction worker hit by car in Lincoln
 Colin Larson

A construction worker suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in Lincoln on Wednesday.

The worker was struck by the car near the corner of 31st and Superior streets on Wednesday afternoon.

Amy Walton watched a westbound car cross the median on Superior Street and drive into a coned-off area in the eastbound lanes, striking the construction worker around 2:30 p.m.

The car came to a stop east of 27th and Superior, where Walton found the driver, an elderly woman who appeared to be suffering a medical episode. Other passersby tended to the construction worker.

Ambulances took both the driver and the construction worker from the scene.

Rescue workers said the construction worker’s injuries appeared life-threatening.

Lambley: Prepare yourself for "Mother!"

A psychological horror movie is defined as a subgenre of horror and psychological fiction that is meant to frighten, disturb, or unsettle viewers. While the movie “Mother!” is, respectively, a complete flop ... it will definitely leave you unsettled.

Without any semblance of a plot based in reality, it’s hard to know what counts as a spoiler and what doesn’t. But no matter what previous knowledge a moviegoer might have, they’ll still leave the theater just as confused as they went into it. I can say this: you’ll witness excessive symbolism and more gore than you might’ve anticipated.

If you go into this movie ready to watch it in the same way you’d watch a romantic comedy or a children’s movie, you’ll leave completely confounded. This movie almost needs research and prior explanations to make any sort of sense. Go into “Mother!” the same way you’d go into a test; get prepared.

“Mother!” when prefaced with research and prior knowledge, will definitely challenge your brain. It asks you to think, and think continuously. There is no one movement or scene change that is just that: a movement or scene change. Each action is a symbol for something else ... but I’m not sure for what. The excessive symbolism is almost guaranteed to go right over your head at first, which is definitely not something I’d look for in a movie.

But what is “Mother!” about? It’s hard to say. At face value, it’s about a mother named, you guessed it, Mother. Her husband is Him. Just Him. The issues essentially begin when a couple shows up at their house: Man and Woman. From this develops chaos and building intensity. And if you’re sensitive to gore, I’d suggest you skip seeing this film.

To sort the chaos into some kind of meaning, I’d say that “Mother!” is about human nature; our tendency to use and be used by others. If I were pretentious I’d say the film was effective and profound – but it wasn’t. This movie’s theme (at least what I perceived the theme to be), didn’t have to be portrayed in such a disorienting, disturbing way. The intensity just wasn’t necessary, and it didn’t pay off in the end.

I hate to say it, but “Mother!” just didn’t do it for me. The idea of an intense and symbolic psychological horror film is enticing, but the execution was poor. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the best, I give this movie a two.