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Maybe it should be called "Matt vs. Food."

Fremont radio personality Matt Price took part this past weekend in filming for the popular Travel Channel show "Man v. Food Nation."

Price, a morning radio personality and news director for Fremont stations KHUB and KFMT, took part in the Pig Wing Challenge at Starsky's Bar and Grill in south Omaha.

Filming for the episode, which Price said likely will air in the next 6-8 weeks, took place Friday and Saturday.

"I would say, and I've told this to my family, this is up there behind being married and having a son as the best thing I've ever done," Price said.

Price heard earlier this month that the program, hosted by Adam Richman, was looking for someone to take part in one of its challenges that was going to be filmed in Omaha.

Price had won a corned beef eating contest back in 2006 when he worked in Arkansas, and was told by producers to submit an audition video.

He recorded a 2-minute video that focused on Nebraska foods such as Fairbury hot dogs and Dorothy Lynch salad dressing.

Price was surprised when he got word that he was chosen for the show. He quickly said yes, despite not knowing what the challenge would be.

"I was pumped," he said. "It was a really good feeling. It was somewhat of a shock and a ‘What did I get myself into?' kind of thing or ‘Am I going to embarrass myself?'"

Price prepared for his battle with the pig wings by not eating for 30 hours prior to the challenge.

"I drank a lot of water that morning, as much as I could, until I couldn't drink any more because it's supposed to stretch your stomach out," Price said.

On Friday, Price spent five hours filming material for the show at radio stations in Omaha, where he works part-time and is a station imaging voice.

The "Man v. Food Nation" crew shot footage of Price at work in the studio. Price then had the chance to interact with Richman and came away impressed.

"The guy's awesome," Price said. "Being in radio for 10 years I've had a chance to meet a number of celebrities. Considering he had a hurricane going over his house, he was by far the nicest celebrity I've ever met."

On Saturday, Price showed up at Starsky's to begin filming at 6 p.m. He also received advice on how to tackle the challenge from Richman, who did nearly 60 food challenges as host of "Man v. Food."

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A little after 10 p.m., Price sat down to take on the Pig Wing Challenge - 8 pounds of smoked pork on a mini bone and sweet corn nuggets. Only one person had been able to accomplish the food feat at Starsky's.

"The hardest part is trying to size up the plate," Price said. "When we first looked at it, everybody said, ‘Oh, that's no big deal. You can do it.' But as soon as we broke it down we knew that it was a real food challenge."

Price had one hour to complete the challenge, and - while he can't reveal whether he succeeded - he enjoyed the fact that he was surrounded by friends and family, including his wife, Stephanie, and 5-year-old son Jay.

Between 125-150 people were at Starsky's during the taping, including some Fremonters who went to support Price.

"I'm going to remember my family being there for 5 hours standing next to me and cheering the whole time, friends being there and some of the really nice stuff that Adam said to me throughout the show," Price said.

Even Richman was impressed by the support Price got from the crowd.

"The one thing that Adam said to me during the show was it's amazing how well Nebraskans stick behind each other," Price said. "They really cheer for people and what they're doing no matter what it is."

Price said he probably won't be in the mood for pig wings again in the near future. It's also a safe bet that you won't see Price in a hot dog eating contest or anything of that nature, either.

"I think I've retired from food challenges," he said.


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