Diane Brown

Diane Brown of Fremont poses for a picture after filling out a candidate filing form stating her intention to run for mayor in May 2016.

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A Fremont woman has filed paperwork stating that she intends to run for mayor in May 2016.

On Dec. 4, Diane Brown filled out a candidate filing form to officially launch her mayoral campaign.

Brown was born and raised in Fremont, and for the past year she weighed the possibility of running for the position, she said during a phone interview Monday evening.

“I’ve really thought about it for the past two years, and I really started taking the idea seriously last fall,” Brown said. “I sat down and went through my life goals, and this is really the direction that everything has led me to.”

Brown has worked as a radiographer at Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic for 17 years, and been active at the local level and state level of the Parent Teacher Association for decades. Because of her service to the organization, Brown was honored as a lifelong PTA member. Brown is also a member of Kiwanas International.

One of Brown’s strongest attributes is having the willpower to give a job her all from beginning to end, she said, even when the going gets rough.

“If you ask anybody who knows me they will tell you that I have a strong will to see things through from beginning to end,” she said. “If there is a barrier, I break it down and keep moving in the right direction.”

One of the main concerns that Brown has heard from Fremont residents is that the town is growing stagnant — that new people are not wanting to set roots in the community.

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“It seems like we are much more of a suburb of Omaha, and not really somewhere where people want to come to live and settle down,” Brown said. “Not that we aren’t getting some people, but it seems like we can do more to make Fremont a viable place for families to live and work.”

Brown said that the support she has received in the early phases of her campaign planning has reiterated that it was the right decision to announce that she is running for mayor.

“The supports is great,” she said. “It reassures me that this is the right decision, because I have so many people here supporting me. A lot of people are really excited, and that fires me up even more.”

Brown will be placed on the official ballot for the primary election held May 10, 2016.


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