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After receiving pledges from family and friends over the last week, students at Clarmar Elementary will take to the track on Friday to raise money for new playground equipment.

The Clarmar Cats Fun Run program will begin at the school at 8:30 a.m. as students run laps throughout the morning as they try to reach a $10,000 goal that will go towards new playground equipment.

“It is all going toward a really good cause, because not only do the students use that equipment, the whole neighborhood really uses it as well,” Raegan Yount, Clarmar PTA member, said.

Over the last week, students have been receiving pledges from friends, family and community members the old fashioned way, by going door to door, as well creating videos and receiving pledges online.

“The kids have created little videos which are posted on the parents’ Facebook pages and they can donate through that,” Yount said.

The videos feature a renaissance theme and a knight looking for students who have accepted the Fun Run challenge.

“My daughter’s video is called A Knight’s Tale and it shows a knight looking for her because she accepted the challenge,” Yount said. “It’s very cute and portrays them back in the renaissance time, they are pretty cool little videos.”

Students run 30-35 laps around a short track set up by fundraiser organization Boosterthon, who also held a pep rally at the school last week to get kids pumped up for the big event.

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Donors can pledge dollars based on the number of laps a student runs, or donate a flat rate to a student of their choice.

The 30-35 laps take around 30 minutes and students are joined by Boosterthon staff that lead them as they skip, run, and dance as a DJ plays upbeat music.

This is the first year that the Clarmar PTA has held the Boosterthon Fun Run program, and with a goal of $10,000 they hope that it can serve as the only PTA fundraiser of the year.

“What we are trying to do is one big fundraiser, and this is it,” Yount said. “We are welcoming parents and the community to come out because the kids will be out there all Friday morning doing their laps.”

For more information about Boosterthon and the Fun Run event visit, to make a pledge before Friday contact the Clarmar Elementary PTA at their Facebook page.


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