Luther Road paving is scheduled to begin Sept. 1 and will be completed this fall.

Dodge County Supervisors on Wednesday awarded a $1.214 million contract to Luxa Construction of Blair to widen the right-of-way and pave the road from a block north of 23rd Street near the old Menards building, north to the U.S. Highway 30-275 bypass.

Luxa’s bid was the lowest of six submitted for what had been estimated as a $1.7 million project.

Specifications gave bidders the option of completing the entire project this fall, or grading this fall and paving next spring.

“Luxa’s plan is to get it done this fall, weather permitting,” said Tim Farmer, a civil engineer with Speece Lewis Engineering. His firm was hired for about $30,000 to design the project, and on Tuesday was contracted to oversee the project during construction at an estimated cost of $101,813.

Completing the project this fall may reduce engineering costs, Farmer explained, because the engineering bid considered that the project might last until June.

“I know there might be some concern building a road in the fall and paving it in the fall, you’d like to see it settle, but we’ll be out there making sure they have proper compaction so there won’t be issues down the road,” Farmer said.

The City of Fremont has indicated its intention to eventually annex Luther Road, but the county will still benefit from the paving project, Supervisor Paul Marsh pointed out, with the tax base of a proposed residential lake development adjacent to the road.

Paving the now graveled road will also eliminate what has been a maintenance headache for road crews.

Sawyer Construction of Fremont landed contracts for a series of smaller projects totaling $249,749, and Kirkham Michael Engineering was hired as construction engineer at an estimated $18,000 to $20,000.

Expected to be completed this year, work includes repairing approaches to two bridges near Scribner and Dodge, widening and paving the East Cloverly Road curve near U.S. 275, and several concrete and asphalt replacement projects, as well as widening Yager Road near the waste management facility and drainage on Yager.

Included in the bid package, but later removed from the list of projects was the Morningside Road intersection just north of Old Highway 8. The county planned to widen the intersection, but then acquired property adjacent to it, so the project is being redesigned.

Highway Superintendent Alan Doll said bids included the Morningside project, but Sawyer’s actual bill will reflect that project’s absence.

Supervisors also approved:

* Finding an outside consultant to offer advice on caller ID problems associated with the new phone system at the courthouse.

Calls made from the courthouse display the courthouse and grounds office as the caller ID, regardless of where the call originates.

Supervisor Greg Beam, who has led the $70,000 phone project, said representatives of the software and equipment provider, Communication Services Inc. of Omaha, told him they cannot individual ID offices because Time Warner doesn’t have each office listed as a primary number.

Time Warner, meanwhile, says they can’t have other primary numbers, “so I’m in a quandary of what to do about this,” Beam said.

* Doll reported said the Hooper North Bridge replacement is set for state bid letting on Oct. 4.

County officials last fall were worried about the future of the estimated $1.3 million project they saved federal aid transportation funding points toward for six or seven years. When the state changed the way it allocates federal aid dollars for local projects, county officials feared they would lose those points, and Doll scrambled to meet state and federal requirements.

“A good point was we got pushed in ahead of a whole bunch of state projects,” Doll said. “If we had not gotten in as quick as we did, we would have been behind them and we probably wouldn’t have gotten it let this fall. We are pretty much locked in now, it looks good.”

The Elkhorn River bridge is north of Hooper on County Road 19 Blvd.

* Referring to the finance committee a letter from District Court Judge Geoffrey C. Hall and County Court Judge Kenneth J. Vampola of an increase in the hourly rate for court-appointed defense counsel.

* Setting the final 2012 levy allocations for political subdivisions.

* Taking no action on a Fremont Izaak Walton Chapter request for a second sign at the park entrance at 2560 W. Military Ave.

* Receipt of a $23,742 state grant for an assessor geographical information system project.

* A $26,651 bid from Husker Steel for steel to be used on a bridge project on County Road C.