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The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday released its monthly statistics regarding arrests, offenses, accidents and other miscellaneous items the DCSO dealt with during the month of December.

Released information shows that there were 154 total arrests made during November, 24 more than occurred in November.

Two individuals were arrested for misdemeanor assault, one was arrested for felony theft, two were arrested for misdemeanor theft, one was arrested for stealing property, 42 were arrested on drug offenses, 19 were arrested for liquor law violations, 10 were arrested for driving under the influence, 11 were arrested for driving during suspension/revocation, six were arrested for offenses against family/children, one was arrested for vandalism, two were arrested on weapons charges and 57 others were arrested on miscellaneous offenses.

Nine additional offenses were reported during the month of December, one fewer than shown in the DCSO November report. These offenses involved misdemeanor assault, felony theft, misdemeanor theft, offenses against family/children and runaways/missing persons.

In terms of additional action taken by law enforcement: 96 people were cited for traffic violations, 177 traffic warnings were issued, 44 equipment warnings were issued, 28 warrants were served, 21 motorists were assisted by deputies, deputies responded to 30 criminal complaints and officers responded to 161 miscellaneous calls. In total, officers responded to 237 calls.

Traffic citations increased by 81 percent in December – 53 citations were issued in November and 96 were issued in December.

“A lot of that has to do with our guys out there working extra hours because of the “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose” campaign,” Sherriff Steve Hespen said. “That went on, I think, from Dec. 15 through Jan. 1, so half of the month was dedicated to that campaign.”

In addition, accidents that the DCSO responded to increased by 100 percent – there were 11 total accidents in November and 22 responded to in December, released information shows.

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In December, 16 of these accident consisted of property damage accidents and six were personal injury accidents. Contributing factors leading to accidents included: failure to yield to the right of way, driving too fast for conditions, following too closely, failing to keep in the proper lane, operating a vehicle in a reckless/careless manner, swerving or avoiding due to wind, over-correction and overall inattention.

Weather conditions and visual obstructions were also cited by the DCSO as reasons for vehicular accidents.

Hespen said that an increase in accidents this time of year can occur because of the weather, but that the one positive he’s seen is that there haven’t been any fatalities as of late and there haven’t been any wrecks caused by impaired driving. There have, however, been an increase in single-vehicle accidents.

“The one thing that we are seeing the most of right now and over the last several months is that there’s been a large increase in one-vehicle accidents, where either the vehicle loses control and goes off the road or strikes another object and loses control,” he said. “A lot of these one-vehicle accidents could be attributed to distracted driving, I would guess, because there has been a large increase over the last several months and we never used to see these kinds of accidents.”



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