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Fremont Public Schools

FPS staff members are planning a first-ever “Graduation Walk” event, which would bus graduating high school seniors out to their old elementary schools in their caps and gowns to visit with younger students.

The event, which is still in its early planning stages, is slated to take place on May 9 and aims to inspire younger elementary students to graduate. It also gives seniors a chance to visit their elementary schools one last time before graduating and take pride in their accomplishments.

Michelle Schleicher, a reading teacher at Linden Elementary School who is helping organize the event, said that in visiting their old schools, seniors will be able to get young kids excited about graduation, showing them that it is possible through hard work.

It will also allow the seniors to “take pride in what they’ve accomplished and go back to their elementary schools and show their teachers and show the kids that ‘hey we did it, and you can do it, too,’” she said.

“My vision is walking through the hall in your cap and gown, connecting with those kids, connecting with your teachers,” Schleicher added. “But we are really in the planning stages since it’s new this year.”

The idea has been tossed around for years, Schleicher said. After Schleicher heard about it, she decided to push forward with it.

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“I’m a Fremont employee,” she said. “But then also, I am a mom. I have three kids that go to Fremont Public Schools, and that was kind of a driving force also, was seeing I have a sophomore and an eighth-grader and a fourth-grader and just seeing them go through the school system.”

Right now, Schleicher and the other organizers are tracking down where the high school students went to elementary school. There are a lot of different people helping to organize the event — every elementary school will be involved in the organization process. Each school will “have their own ownership over what they want to do with the seniors that come back,” Schleicher said.

The organizers hope the event will become an annual celebration.


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