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A road project spanning Second and Park Avenue to Military Avenue and Park Avenue has halted and will start up again in the spring. The project includes the reconstruction of sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutter, on-street parking and street lighting like the rest of Historic Downtown Fremont.

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With the winter months closing in rapidly, construction halted this week on the road project spanning from Second and Park Avenue to Military Avenue and Park Avenue.

Since early October, the JEO Consulting Group has been making general improvements to the area which when finished will include reconstruction of sidewalks, driveways, curb and gutter, on-street parking and street lighting. The total cost of the completed project is $955,000.

“Part of what we are doing is making the sidewalks along Park Avenue look like they do in the Historic Downtown on Main Street,” said Dave Goedeken, director of public works during a previous interview with the Tribune. “The intersections will have that teardrop look and the decorative lighting like we do in the rest of the Historic Downtown.”

Parking by the Dodge County Courthouse will also see a big improvement, with parallel parking being replaced with angled parking in the spring.

Improvements at the intersection of Fourth Street and Park Avenue began in early October, and consisted of a total reconstruction of the intersection along with storm sewer work. What previously was asphalt was re-laid with concrete to better suit the heavy trucks which frequently navigate the area.

Remaining work on the project will be completed when the winter weather subsides and spring returns, City Administrator Brian Newton said.

While the project is extensive, the vast majority of Park Avenue remained open to the public during the months of active construction work. Through traffic was maintained during construction hours; with the exception of a few periodic lane closures.

On-street parking immediately adjacent to construction activities were temporarily restricted, and when work was being completed at Fourth Street and Park Avenue through traffic was detoured.

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In addition, driveways and pedestrian access along Park Avenue was temporarily restricted during construction activities.

The City of Fremont, along with JEO Consulting Group, coordinated directly with property owners during construction regarding anticipated access restrictions.

For more project information and additional project updates, those interested can contact the City of Fremont Public Works office at 402-727-2636.



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