Police department lists accident totals

2013-02-09T07:00:00Z Police department lists accident totals Fremont Tribune
February 09, 2013 7:00 am

The Fremont Police Department investigated 74 traffic accidents within the city during December.

Nine of the crashes occurred on private property. Four accidents involved one vehicle, 68 involved two vehicles and two involved three or more vehicles. Fifteen accidents were hit and run.

Thirty-nine crashes occurred on a dry road surface, 13 were on wet roads, 16 occurred on snowy or icy surfaces, and six were on unknown type surface. Eight accidents caused injury to 11 people. One crash involved a bus and two involved commercial trucks. Fourteen citations/arrests were made due to the accidents.

The causes of the December accidents are as follows: failure to yield, 23; disregard traffic signs, 5; too fast for conditions, 6; improper turn, 1; following too closely, 2; wrong side/way, 1; fail to keep in lane/drive off road, 3; careless/reckless driving, 2; swerving or avoiding, 1; inattention, 14; defective equipment, 1; other improper action, 5; and unknown, 9.

As a comparison, there were 68 traffic accidents reported in December 2011. Four of these crashes caused injury to six people.

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