Amy Holman has been making delicious homemade candy throughout her life.

“It’s been passed down over four generations,” she said.

While it started as more of a hobby, Holman-Sieler makes a variety of decadent sweets including homemade fudge, toffee, peanut brittle and much more that can be found for sale in her store Precious Treasures, located in the Old Empress Theater building at 419 North Main Street.

“I was making like 100 pounds of toffee for friends, and I was just scrapbooking before, but then everybody said I should sell it at the store,” she said.

Although Precious Treasures has been open in Fremont for a decade, the shop which sells a variety of scrapbooking supplies, greeting cards, jewelry, and of course plenty of fudge and toffee recently reopened at their new location inside of the old Empress Theater on November 16th.

Along with plenty of room for all of the scrapbooking stationary, the new location has a feature that has made Holman's candy making easier.

“We used to be located a couple doors down, and I had to go to a restaurant to make it (candy), so I was thrilled when I moved here because there is a kitchen,” she said. “I can cook during the day, instead of going over to the restaurant at night to do it.”

Before reopening in November, Precious Treasures was forced to move all of their sales to their website after a previous location change didn’t quite work out.

“We just started our website last January when we were closed for a year,” she said. “We moved up on Sixth Street and we had a bunch of water damage so never could open. So we basically opened the website just so we could keep selling.”

Along with selling an assortment of delicious homemade candy the store also sells a variety of other treasures including scrapbooking materials, greeting cards, jewelry, clothing, and pins.

“We sell paparazzi jewelry which has been a bit hit, it’s all five dollars no matter what you pick. We just keep changing and adding to fit what our customers want and need, we carry batteries and packing tape and whatever downtown needs,” she said. “People come in for weird stuff and then we start carrying it.”

Precious treasures also features a coffee shop, which along with plenty of tasty brews will soon feature boba teas.

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“We are going to start selling boba tea’s which has the little boba balls in it, and as far as I know we will be the only place in town to offer it,” Holman said.

Along with all of Holman-Sielers homemade delights, Precious Treasures also is the only store in town that sells Jones Soda and a variety of nostalgic candies.

“We sell all sorts of nostalgic candy like candy cigarettes and Razzles and Zots all that fun stuff,” she said.

Although Precious Treasures officially opened in November, Holman plans to hold a grand opening event on January 21st which will include sales on items throughout the store as well as candy samples and other treats. 

Precious Treasures is open Monday through Saturday with hours varying from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday. The store takes orders for specific types of fudge, and other homemade candies and those can be made by calling 402-677-3787.



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