A national organization is disavowing any formal contact with a local organization campaigning against the repeal of Fremont Ordinance 5165.

But a spokesman for Our Vote Should Count said it worked with a local representative of the group and the national office would not necessarily known that.

In an interview with the Fremont Tribune, Paul Von Behren named True the Vote as a national organization the local group has received help from.

“There’s a national organization called True The Vote that’s been very helpful supplying data to us,” Von Behren said.

A spokesman for True the Vote, however, phoned the Tribune on Wednesday to say that his organization has no connection with Our Vote Should Count, and had not heard of the organization or Von Behren prior to True The Vote being named in an article about Our Vote Should Count.

“True the Vote was unaware of such activity as it regards to immigration policy activism in Nebraska. Our organization was not consulted as certain organizers have led media sources to believe. We regret any confusion this episode may have caused as it pertains to our mission and priorities,” Communications Director Logan Churchwell said in an email.

“In assembling facts and data,” Von Behren replied in an email to the Tribune, “we met individually with representatives of Tea Party Patriots, True The Vote and (the Federation for American Immigration Reform). Each provided varying levels of support, including data access, technical support, data analysis and general knowledge of the issues from their experience. It's correct that the national office of True The Vote may not have known about local conversations. I would expect the same of (Tea Party Patriots) or FAIR.

“The information provided was all publicly available, but much easier to find with help from someone who works in that area. Neither of the other two organizations raised a concern so we assumed that was the normal function of a local representative,” Von Behren wrote.

True The Vote, according to its website, is “a citizen-led effort to restore truth, faith and integrity to our elections.”

Based in Houston, Texas, True The Vote’s mission statement says the organization intends to “inspire and equip volunteers for involvement at every stage of our electoral process. We promote ideas that actively protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation.”