Wahoo and Yutan will have new mayors, and Yutan will have at least one new city council member after this year’s election.

Wahoo Mayor Janet Jonas did not file for re-election by Tuesday’s incumbent filing deadline, and no candidates have yet emerged for the office.

Non-incumbents have until March 3 to file at the Saunders County Clerk’s office.

Incumbent Wahoo City Council members Kevin Dunbar in Ward 1, Jim Svoboda in Ward 2 and Stuart Krejci in Ward 3 are running for re-election. None of them has an opponent yet.

Tim Ortmeier is not seeking another term as Yutan’s mayor, but current West Ward Councilman Darin Egr is running for mayor.

Kyle Winn is the only candidate so far for Egr’s seat.

Yutan East Ward Councilman Justin J.C. Long is running for re-election, and so far is unchallenged.

Treasurer Patricia A. Hunter, a Republican, is the only Saunders County office holder up for election this year who did not file for re-election. Marilyn L. Kelley of Weston has thrown her hat in the ring, however.

County Clerk Patti J. Lindgren of Wahoo is seeking another term, but she faces a challenge from fellow Republican Alex Shada of Wahoo.

Saunders County incumbents currently running unopposed are Clerk of the District Court Patty McEvoy of Wahoo, Assessor Cathy Gusman of Wahoo, Attorney Scott Tingelhoff of Wahoo, Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz of Wahoo, Surveyor Jerry Charles of Mead, Public Defender Thomas Klein of Wahoo, Register of Deeds Don Clark of Wahoo, District 1 Supervisor David Lutton of Ashland and District 3 Supervisor Craig Breunig of Wahoo. All are Republicans.

The most crowded race so far is for the District 5 seat on the Board of Supervisors, where incumbent Darren Martin of Malmo will appear on the Republican ticket along with Duane Harding of Malmo and Larry Mach of Weston. Democrat John R. Berggren of Weston is also pursuing the District 5 seat.

Yutan, Mead and Cedar Bluffs school boards will see some shakeup, with current board members from each body opting not to run again.

At Yutan, Danny Josoff filed on Tuesday, but Chad C. Karloff and Stephanie Mueller are not running.

Bob Bice will be ending his time on the Mead Board of Education. Incumbents Andrew L. Carritt, Brenda K. Halbmaier and Nate Mongan are running for re-election.

Three Cedar Bluffs School Board seats will be before voters this year, with Tim Shanahan as the only incumbent seeking another term. Neither Tom Kruse now Deb Radenslaben are running, but two newcomers so far – Dawn Hansen and Todd A. Thiesen – hope to replace them.

Eric P. Gottschalk, Rob Brigham and Brett Eddie are all up for election on the Wahoo School Board, and all are running again. Nobody else has yet filed for that board.