Amendments deserve full consideration

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2010-10-23T03:05:00Z Amendments deserve full considerationFremont Tribune Fremont Tribune
October 23, 2010 3:05 am  • 

For those registered voters who do not plan to cast an early ballot, election day is about a week and a half away. That means there is still time to study the ballot and consider all the issues.

Two such issues that should not be ignored are the proposed amendments to the Nebraska Constitution. One would allow the Legislature to permit cities to fund economic development projects or programs from more than local sales or property taxes. The other would abolish the state treasurer's office.

If approved, Amendment 1 could allow cities to use other taxes, federal grants, donations and other state and federal funds to help fund economic development activities. Such a move would require approval from the majority of voters in a city.

Fremont currently uses sales tax money for local economic development. Community Development Block Grant funds funneled through the state economic development office.

If approved, Amendment 2 would get rid of the position of the state treasurer. Those who back the measure say it would streamline government and eliminate duplication. Those who opposed it say the elected official provide an important check on the rest of government.

You might not see a lot of information about these two issues, but that doesn't mean should you simply skip that part of the ballot.

Changes to the Nebraska Constitution should be considered carefully. Our state of governed by this living document, and it shouldn't be changed on a whim.

Please take the time to study the issues before voting.

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