It’s time to be an informed voter

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2012-07-23T11:00:00Z It’s time to be an informed voterPaul Fisher/Fremont Fremont Tribune
July 23, 2012 11:00 am  • 

Our founding fathers were not crazy about having the two-party system that we have in today’s politics. It must be that most of us really never thought too much about it before, but the current wave of lawlessness from our government is causing people to say, wait, there is something wrong here. People are waking up and asking questions.

The current debacle our government has created and the lack of representation we are getting from our elected representatives has caused many of us to look deeper into the system to find out just what is wrong, and why are we not getting representation.

When a politician is not doing his job and watching out for what is good for America, is it our duty as a Republican or Democrat to stand behind that representative for the sake of the party, even if he is passing laws that are not in American people’s best interest? I think not.

We should be Americans first. We should stand up for our founding fathers and the great country and government that they created and left for us. It is our duty as patriotic Americans to stand for what is right for America and its people, not what is good for the party.

After all the parties at the local and state level are the ones that are responsible for promoting the people that we get to vote for at election time. So really, whose fault is it when we get a bad apple to represent us? The voter? How can that be?

I think there are many smoke filled backroom deals being made on the people that are the most electable by how they look on TV. If they have that slick look and a great head of hair, you know, the empty suits with the movie star look, it sure makes the party’s job a lot easier to get them elected rather than selling someone on knowledge, experience, and being a great American by knowing the Constitution, living and breathing it, and preserving this great nation for generations to come.

Be an informed voter from now on. Let’s stop holding our nose and voting for the lesser of two evils. Speak out against wrong. Let’s not pick our representatives from Entertainment Tonight. Look into character and reputation it will serve us much better.

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