I believe this is a good year to celebrate our statehood and our protestant reformation or revolution, as well as all our regular celebrations.

Our statehood formal birthday date was March 1, for 150 years as the State of Nebraska. We will learn more about our state by following these presentations and our watching and reading.

My opinion is that many of us forget that we were first approved as a territory until we got somewhat settled and also agreed to form our Nebraska Constitution and agreed that our Nebraska Constitution and our lives and our behaviors were subordinate to our United States Constitution.

We should also review our United States Declaration of Independence which lists our unresolved complaints, and then our commitment of 100 percent of our assets and 100 percent of our one life to obtain and retain freedom; and that we are one nation indivisible. So, are you really committed to spend one penny to protect all my rights, let alone 100 percent of your assets to protect all my rights?

This year is the 500th anniversary of our Christian brother posting 95 Theses on the door of the church where he worshiped. Since I enjoy reading, I would like to know which of these 95 Abuses have been reformed and no longer continue.

We should also separately have a moment of silence for each of our Christians like Professor John Wycliff in England and John Huss or Jon Hus in Bohemia or Moravia, plus the holocaust of some 20,000 Huegonotts or Calvinists in France.

And read about others involved, possibly even King Henry III of England who created or confiscated all the church property and named it the Church of England or Anglican Church after he and his army failed to murder Martin Luther.

It is my opinion that we as a society fail miserably in treating one another as first class citizens, and we rub this salt into their emotions by telling them they should work hard to become only middle class (code word for second or third class citizen).

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I think we still have a lot of reforming yet to achieve. I do have the freedom to read about my Savior, an immigrant refugee at less than one year of age. Who reformed his parents’ religion to be inclusive instead of exclusive, etc., etc.? We call this Christianity.

Just thinking about our future.

Larry Marvin



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