LB 1069 was spotlighted in the Nebraska Education Committee's hearing on Monday. This bill seeks to reissue revised statutes of Nebraska concerning Americanism as being taught in our schools.

Many of the components of this bill have existed since the late 1940s, but have not been enforced ... such as school boards appointing members to an Americanism committee (often done) which would take an active "watchdog" role in monitoring civic/social studies content making results available to the school board and minutes of meetings available to the public (currently, little follow through).

In order to insure our nation survives as the democracy it was created to be, upcoming generations must not only have a solid knowledge and understanding of the history of how and why our constitution works, but must also be inspired to take individual responsibility to insure it is propagated as required by "we, the people".

Also, students in schools need to be aware of the great sacrifices made by so many in the past ... sacrifices which have cemented our freedoms, but which are so easily taken for granted as time goes by.

This bill brings "consciousness to" and "accountability for" making sure our youth have a firm foundation on which to build a strong DEMOCRACY for the future.

Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) says: "Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law [God's law], happy is he."

We must instill in our youth a hunger for the vision that inspired our country's founders as they forged a constitution in harmony with God's laws. This IS the history of the United States of America (no debating it) and must be the future if our country is to survive!

Details concerning how to test the results of the teaching dictated by LB1069 are in the rewrite stage.

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Please become familiar with LB 1069 by googling: "Text: NE LB 1069" and then encourage our Senator, Lynne Walz, who's a member of Nebraska’s Legislative Education Committee, to vote FOR advancing it. In the meantime, I will be eagerly awaiting news of how she votes at the next hearing.

Marlys Meyer



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