Governor Ricketts has stated that one of his top priorities is to reduce taxes. I think that we can all agree that we would like to pay lower taxes, but there needs to be a responsible way to do it.

LB461 is not the tax policy that Nebraska needs.

What does LB461 do? It will provide tax cuts to the wealthiest of Nebraska's top 1% personal income tax rates. Under this proposal, the wealthiest 1% will get a tax break of $5,944 a year. That is a pretty decent chunk of change, while the rest of Nebraskans would get little or no tax relief.

Personally, I make less than $40,000 a year. How much tax relief am I going to get under this proposal? It will be less than $53 a year, if that. Essentially, the tax relief is less than the cost of a Nebraska football game. Yay for savings!

I work hard every day, trying to make sure I am able to maintain my normal day expenses as well as have the opportunity to save to retirement, go on a vacation, or even make improvements on my house. Other families in our community live paycheck to paycheck. In order for Nebraska to grow as a state, we absolutely need to have a tax policy that represents and grows working families. LB461 does nothing more than places a higher burden on the back of working families so that the state is able to maintain its fiscal needs.

At this time, the state faces a significant budget gap. With a budget gap and lack of new revenue coming in, does it make sense to cut taxes for the wealthiest 1%? Apparently, the Governor believes this is right course of action. Unfortunately, it will come at the cost of growing Nebraska's working families. 

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What Nebraska needs to do is reject this current proposal and send a clear message that to grow Nebraska, you need to invest in the working families of Nebraska. I urge you to contact your local senator that you oppose LB 461.

Adam Johnson



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