Concerning the Tangier Shrine Circus that's appearing at Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, it's disappointing that not only the people running the circus but the people that actually still pay to attend this horrific spectacle.

In the Fremont Tribune's Thursday edition the top picture showed a poor elephant balancing on all fours on a ball. Does anyone not see how unnatural and humiliating this is?

Are there still people that don't know what happens to wild animals when circus people get ahold of them? These poor animals are "broken" by being beaten and shackled until their spirit is broken. How anyone can consider this "entertainment" is beyond me.

Lions, tigers, elephants, bears and any other wild animal is exactly that. Wild. If you really need to see these animals go to a reserve where you can see them in a more natural habitat. Don't perpetuate this by continuing to pay them to torture these poor innocent souls. The blood is not only on their hands but yours also if you do.

Circuses can still be a fun place to take your family without having wild animals being an attraction. Hopefully in the near future it will be illegal to do this to animals.

Barnum and Bailey got enough bad publicity about doing exactly that to animals and now they are finally retiring those poor elephants. Hopefully the Shriner circus will do that, too, but only if people stop paying to see them.

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Please, have a heart and don't support this atrocity called entertainment.

Laura Roddenberry



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