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I recently attended the meeting at the Fremont City Auditorium to discuss proposed renovation plans for the auditorium.

Fremont City Auditorium is rich in Fremont's history and is on the National Historic Register.

One of the suggestions is to totally get rid of the stage! It would make room for more meeting rooms (as I understand it). Why not close the curtains for an extra meeting room? It would cost NOTHING.

The stage would be extremely costly to replace and serve no purpose to demolish it. I was told many years ago by a parent of a dance student that under the wood floor in front of the stage are floodlights. There is a lot of history on that stage and we need to respect that. I hope and pray that it will NOT be demolished.

Another suggestion was to carpet the main floor, and rent it out for weddings dances, etc. That would be a disaster. Can you imagine how hard it would be to dance on a carpeted floor and how many times it would need to be replaced. There is a beautiful wood floor currently there now.

I do agree with many of the suggestions but we must be careful of what we destroy.

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The total estimate of probably renovation was $2.5 million plus another half million to $1 million in renovation expenses. Where is this money coming from? A grant is being written for approximately $750,000, which is due by June 3. I have many fond memories of the auditorium as many of you do. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Sally Manka




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