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Have you been told you may need some type of surgery in the near future? Maybe you have had a fall or other injury and your doctor has recommended therapy. I have some useful information I would like to share with you. After surgery or injury your recovery may require therapy. In my experience therapy is a crucial step toward a successful recovery.

Choosing the right facility for therapy is important to discuss with your doctors and or family. Nye Legacy located in Fremont as my choice and it is truly a Five Star facility. They offer several types of therapy: physical, occupational and aquatic. Nye Legacy employs a team of enthusiastic professional therapists who work closely with you and your doctors. East session is strategically laid out to help you reach your goals and be the best you can in your recovery. You will gain strength and stamina as well as a sense of well being through these sessions. All these things will be defined through your willingness to get well, along with the therapists' knowledge and techniques which exhibit a passion for your success.

Through my experience I feel confident that Nye Legacy's therapists were a definte influence on my positive recovery. I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity in my life. If you have a need for therapy check Nye Legacy out, you'll be glad you did.

Pam Greenbush

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