It has been said, “If you see something that does not look right or seem right, report it.”

In a recent article in your paper, the sentencing of a young woman, Anne Pavlik, was reported. The way it was reported, in context was initially the same as when the tragedy first occurred and was reported in your paper.

It nagged at me then and it now prompts me to address the troubling issues depicted at the facility where it occurred.

Why does a care facility have a fire place burning? Any heat source where a robe, blanket, towel, curtain, paper, any item could ignite should not be permitted. Be it flame, electric, gas, etc.

Does this not make one immediately question state inspectors’ responsibility and the facility’s responsibility?

Does not one person alone on a floor, word or even a community room cause questions? Where is an RN, shift supervisor, relief staff, etc.?

The suffering is deplorable. My condolences to the family and to whomever put the victim in the facility for care without a good look around and questions.

There would seem to be more than 1 person owning this thing and it does not appear to me to be the one who has been made to own it in its entirety.

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This whole thing reeks of neglect of the facility and the state – not on the back of one young woman who possibly had to take a break with no back up available on call.

Please, somebody, enlighten me. Am I wrong? Why?

Arlene Cushman



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