Thank you Nebraska Communities United

I would like to publicly commend the group Nebraska Communities United for their efforts to educate the public and elected officials regarding the detrimental effects the fiasco known as Costco/Lincoln Premium Poultry will have on Fremont and the surrounding area. From my perspective, there are two motivations that inspire one’s position on the proposed project. The love of money, or the love of God and principle. We all know where the ‘officials’ get their motivation.

From the outset, clandestine secrecy from ‘officials’ with conflicted interests jolted our trust in ‘government’. Staged ‘public’ and city council meetings further exposed the ruse signifying that the fix was on, yet ncunited fought on. The obvious abuse of the TIF laws, (designed to invite investment to inner city ‘blighted’ areas), by these conflicted officials was attempted to be exposed in the courts, but we all know it is hard, and expensive, to fight city hall. Hence, due to lack of funds, the group had to stop its fight in the court.

But, they fought on, as they hosted informational meetings for the public and possible growers, alerting to the inherent danger of doing business with the greedy corporation known as Costco and the ‘business’ model known as vertical integration. All costs were borne by this group of committed volunteers, and the faithful contributions of concerned citizens. The dangers associated with this invasion of nefariously principled ‘business’ models should have been noted by our representatives, but, alas, the love of money is the root of all evil and blinds them to the higher principle of serving the best interests of the community.

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Thank you NCUnited, for your valued efforts. May God bless you and may you be rewarded for your principled stand.

Doug Wittmann



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