I grew up in rural Nebraska and always considered myself a conservative. When I was old enough to vote and wasn't familiar with either candidate on the ballot, I would vote for the Republican. I assumed that person shared my conservative values.

With the current state that our country is in I no longer can subscribe to that philosophy. I am having trouble seeing how some positions take by Republicans can be considered conservative at all.

The new tax reform law appears to increase the national debt substantially while reducing the debt seemed to be a main campaign issue for Republicans.

The bipartisan way this law was passed is eerily similar to the way Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act when they were in control of Congress.

I thought these folks were elected to serve the people of this country not strive for political party "wins".

My mother always tried to teach me to "consider the candidates you vote for based on what they stand for and not by party affiliation."

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Mom was right folks! I would urge my fellow Nebraskans to follow mom's advice in all our future elections.

Randy Peck



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