What ever happened to good old journalism

Public knowledge comes from what we see, hear, or read. News coverage should be based on facts not opinions.

The media should not use their power and influence to achieve their political views. Journalism has those who play fast and loose with facts to mislead their readers.

We have become a divided nation that needs to heal and the media is a partial cause for this separation.

A hundred protesters with half not knowing why they are protesting will get three times coverage compared to something that has a positive attitude.

A young graduate, beginning her life in the real world, had an article in the Tribune headlined “Eradicating xenophobia is contingent on preservation.”

She states xenophobia tendencies increase as fear-mongering politicians spill words of hate and intolerance, making matters worse for people of color.

She states language is key to reuniting with one’s culture and makes sure that her younger siblings learn Spanish first with English as a close second.

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One solution in ending racism might be to just quit talking about it.

The Labor Department states over the past 15 years, U.S. Newspapers have cut their work force by more than 50 percent. With the likes of Twitter, Facebook, online buying and biased coverage the newspaper business could be facing a slow death.

Regarding local news, going into Nebraska’s 2017 legislative session, knowing the possibility of a shortfall, why would any state senator introduce a new bill that would be cost related?

Robert L. Warner



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