After no action was taken on a request for a zoning change for the Fremont Memorial Complex at the Fremont Planning Commission on Monday, another public hearing on the proposed change will take place at the next City Council meeting.

At the Planning Commission meeting on Monday a request for a zoning change for approximately 35.3 acres located at 1700 E. Military Avenue was heard. The property includes the Fremont Family YMCA, Heedum Field, and the old armory building which all make up the Fremont Memorial Complex.

The request was for a change from R-1 Single-Family Residential to PD Planned Development.

“The purpose behind the zoning change was to assign an appropriate zoning district classification and subsequently the land use regulations that go along with that, to the Fremont Memorial Complex,” Director of Planning Troy Anderson said in a Wednesday interview with the Tribune. “You know, right now that property is zoned R-1 Single-Family Residential and there is no Single-Family Residential uses out there.”

During the meeting on Monday a motion was made by commission member Jarod Borisow to give a recommendation of approval to the council, but his motion was never seconded leaving the proposed zoning change in limbo.

Without the Planning Commission making a recommendation, either for approval or disapproval, of the proposed zoning change the City Council cannot take action on the issue, according to Anderson.

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Instead there will be an item on the council’s agenda at their next regularly scheduled meeting, along with a public hearing on the proposed change, which will seek a resolution by the council to send the issue back to the Planning Commission for a recommendation.

“What we are asking for is not necessarily for City Council to take action, because there are some statutes that respond to the fact that the Planning Commission needs to make a recommendation before City Council can take action on it,” Anderson said. “So staff is asking that the City Council kind of direct or charge the planning commission with reconsidering this and at least taking some sort of action or recommendation, either for or against the project, so that City Council can ultimately take action.”

According to Anderson, the proposed zoning change for the Memorial Complex would be a way for the City to recognize and “bless” the mixed use area.

“There are no current or proposed development plans for that property, but really it is an opportunity for the city to kind of recognize the history and the existence of what is out there,” he said. “It would kind of be a blessing of the mixed use development that is the YMCA, Heedum Field, and the old armory and the relationship between those three properties and would provide some parameters for how that property might continue to get developed in the future.”



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