Dear fellow Fremonters, boy did I have a great thing happen to me recently! I had a treasure and it was right under my nose. I'll explain.

Last winter I sold some items to a downtown business owner. We both agreed on a price and considered the deal complete to our mutual satisfaction. A few weeks later, not having to do so, this person contacted me to inform me that one of the items was more valuable than we believed. This person then chose to share the larger profit with me.

Thinking it a minimal amount, I waited until recently to meet. Then bang — it was quite a substantial (not to mention generous) amount that was shared with me. I've always been impressed with their integrity from a business and personal vantage point — this being another of those times. Isn't that crazy good!

I have and will continue to support the Fremont merchants and hope you do, too. So maybe before running out of town for a purchase, consider that while sitting in your comfortably furnished home, in your stylish attire, maybe reading a rare novel, drinking from antique stemware or enjoying a fresh baked treat, you might realize that these and other treasures are right here under your nose in Fremont.

You can't beat the trust and honesty of the Fremont merchants.

Brian Perry



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