Has this Republican presidency and/or this Republican Congress audited the health insurance companies to verify compliance of our 80-85 percent law, or are they (Congress) looking the other way? When I hear the word repeal, this is a very strong word.

A second question is: How much unearned premiums or unearned insurance payments do the insurance companies get to pocket upon using the “repeal?”

I have worked steadily on improving basic health care policies since 1980, and we only got our Patient Protection Affordable Care Act by a very slim margin. And the Republicans have repeatedly voted to deny you this PPACA. Why?

In about 2013 our 80-85 percent mandate, that any unused premium or insurance must be returned to the buyer of that health insurance policy. My Fremont Tribune reported that our State of Nebraska did not have to make any premium payment or health insurance payment for November and December.

Well, this taxpayer wants to know the dollar amount saved because savings of two months premium is about 17 percent savings. Well, I still would like to see those dollar amount saved, so we can show them to our representatives in Washington, D.C.? How much savings?

The same year, our Dodge County Board reported a surprise in savings or lower insurance premiums, and the board allegedly agreed to pay a larger percentage or larger share of our employees’ share of the purchase price of the insurance. Well, if the board agreed to pay 50 percent instead of 40 percent, your insurance policy did not cost more, you just paid a higher percentage of the total policy. I would like to see these actual dollar amounts.

I also believe that we taxpayers saved monies on health insurance policies at the state and county level the second year. How much did we save the second year? What I am asking is, please show all three years so we can make a comparison, and if the county board revised their payment and percentage, please show that, too. They spent our savings.

Just thinking about our future.

Larry Marvin



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