MINUTES OF MEETING FOR: January 21, 2020 - Notice of the meeting was given in advance by publication in the Plattsmouth Journal and online at Agendas was made available for public inspection at the office of the Cass County Clerk.8:00am Call Meeting to Order: Roll call; Sharp, McCartney, Peterson, Henry and Murdoch. CONVENE -BOARD OF EQUALIZATION-Teresa Salinger, County Assessor: 1.Correction to Tax Rolls/Omitted Property/Assessment Rolls (Real/Personal) Parcel #(s): list provided by AssessorMOTION: Peterson moved, McCartney seconded to table until 2020 meeting for lack of documentation. Motion carried 5-02.Exemption Application on Motor Vehicles: Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (1) 2015 Toyota RAV4MOTION: Sharp moved, Murdoch seconded to approve motor vehicle exemptions filed by Great Plains Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church as presented. Motion carried 5-08:03am ADJOURN AS CASS COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION: MOTION: Henry moved, McCartney seconded.8:04am CONVENE - BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: Commissioner's Announcements/Comments: NoneCONSENT AGENDA: 1/7/2020 Minutes, Claims, Payroll/Time Balance Reports for 1/21/2020MOTION: McCartney moved, Murdoch seconded to approve consent agenda as prepared. Motion carried 5-0GENERAL CLAIMS: Ameritas Life Insurance $2,387.20 (Ins) Ameritas Life Insurance $27,532.45 (Ins) Barclay's $378.96 (Srv) Nancy Bergman $30.00 (Srv) Black Hills Energy $3,317.39 (Srv) Scott Bornemeier LLC $34.99 (Srv) Boundtree Medical LLC $1,163.79 (Sup) Broadview Networks $319.68 (Srv) Cash-Wa Distributing $851.05 (Srv) Cass County Court $3,724.00 (Srv) Cass County Extension $384.73 (Srv) Cass County Refuse $193.05 (Srv) Cass County Sheriff $988.14 (Srv) Cass County Sheriff $934.97 (Srv) Charm-Tex Inc $524.30 (Srv) Charter Communications $167.27 (Srv) Clerk of the District Court $108.00 (Srv) Cody Inc $807.00 (Srv) Comdata Corporation $1,562.85 (Srv) Conner Psychological Services $365.00 (Srv) Cornhusker State Industries $274.00 (Srv) Crawford Supply Company $640.34 (Sup) Percival Culligan Water $19.90 (Sup) Dataspec Inc. $898.00 (Srv) Department of Correctional Services $9,188.82 (Srv) Digital-Ally $415.00 (Sup) Douglas County District Court $12.25 (Srv) Dugan Business Forms $894.50 (Sup) Eakes Office Solutions $1,778.00 (Srv) Electronic Contracting Company $112.74 (Srv) EMS Connect $90.00 (Srv) Tracy Ensor $100.00 (Reim) Father Flannagan's Boys Home $540.00 (Srv) Fireguard Inc $562.65 (Srv) Kelly Fitzpatrick $8.63 (Reim) FP Mailing Solutions $263.40 (Sup) Frontier Cooperative $379.76 (Srv) Futurity IT, Inc $4,000.00 (Srv) Galls LLC. $345.28 (Sup) Johnson & Pekney $937.60 (Srv) Grainger $969.82 (Srv) Green Fees Lawn & Irrigation $65.00 (Srv) Heartland Aqua Tech $20.00 (Sup) Dan Henry $1,433.66 (Reim) Hometown leasing $453.89 (Srv) Hometown Leasing $1,015.70 (Srv) Hy-Vee $575.00 (Sup) Johnson & Pekny LLC $1,008.00 (Srv) Jones Automotive Inc $493.50 (Srv) Keefe Supply Company $56.50 (Sup) Kerns Excavating Co $95.00 (Srv) Konica Minolta Bus Solutions $19.12 (Srv) Kade Krueger $105.80 (Reim) Brad Ksiazek $46.40 (Reim) KVC Behavioral Healthcare $5,2808.00 (Srv) Lancaster County Sheriff Department $63.05 (Srv) LG Cleaners Inc $72.00 (Srv) Gerald Liess $562.50 (Srv) Lincoln Journal Star $294.39 (Srv) Linder Tire & Auto Inc $64.00 (Srv) Dana Long $9.78 (Srv) Amy Luttman $319.94 (Reim) Village of Manley $68.00 (Srv) Marco Inc $49.58 (Srv) Marcy Mortuary $700.00 (Srv) Matheson Tri-Gas Inc $247.59 (Srv) Janet McCartney $610.74 (Reim) Meeske Ace Hardware $108.33 (Sup) Menards $48.02 (Sup) Metropolitan Area Planning Agency $5,870.00 (Srv) Mid America First Call Inc $200.00 (Srv) MIPS Inc $2,190.31 (Srv) Mullenex Auto Supply Inc $28.26 (Sup) NACO $40.00 (Srv) NE Computer Parts LLC $203.96 (Srv) Nebraska Association of County Clerk/Register of Deeds $150.00 (Srv) NE Department of Agriculture $90.00 (Srv) Nebraska Emergency Services $180.00 (Srv) The Nebraska Medical Center $2,828.45 (Sup) NPPD $108.92 (Srv) NE State Library Publications $209.40 (Srv) $15.00 (Srv) Office Warehouse $387.50 (Sup) Omega Chemical Co Inc $727.07 (Srv) H.S.A $2,150.00 (Ins) William Ouren $450.00 (Reim) Owens Educational Services Inc $929.96 (Srv) Oxen Technology $8,500.00 (Srv) Paper Tiger Shredding Inc $126.00 (Srv) Papillion Sanitations $170.40 (Srv) Payless Office Products $8.15 (Sup) City of Plattsmouth $1,158.37 (Srv) Plattsmouth State Bank $27,924.09 (Ins) Pottawattamie County Court $32.10 (Srv) Prairie Mechanical Corp $525.00 (Srv) Premier Waste Solutions LLC $281.00 (Srv) Thomas Prickett $984.00 (Srv) Pro's Shirt Shop $68.00 (Sup) Jill Reese $129.92 (Reim) Region 6 $18,168.50 (Srv) Reliance Standard Life $176.81 (Adjust)Reliance Standard Life ACC $-.08 (Adjust) Reliance Standard Life CRIT $-.18 (Adjust) Reliance Standard Life HOSP $-.07 (Adjust) Reliance Standard Life LONGT $-93.14 (Adjust) Reliance Standard Life SHORT $-243.91 (Adjust) Ricoh USA Inc $239.53 (Srv) Sarpy County Sheriff Dept $39.27 (Srv) Secretary of State $20.00 (Srv) Shaw Hardware Store $34.67 (Sup) Michael Slattery $1,764.54 (Reim) Robin Small $20.58 (Reim) Softchoice Corporation $250.00 (Srv) Software Unlimited $240.00 (Srv) Stericycle Inc $80.00 (Srv) Stop N Shop $1,417.04 (Srv) Stryker Medical $594.00 (Srv) Summit Food Service, LLC $13,402.51 (Sup) The Home Depot Pro $683.79 (Sup) Thomson Reuters - West $1,088.36 (Srv) Bobie Touchstone $10,224.00 (Srv) US Bank $942.43 (Srv) US Bank Voyager $2,398.41 (Srv) Unifirst Corporation $173.02 (Srv) United HealthCare $80,639.76 (Adjust) University of Nebraska - IT $76.10 (Srv) Verizon Connect $1,084.90 (Srv) Vesta Voluntary Specialists, Inc $89.50 (Srv) Voss Lighting $332.00 (Srv) VSP Vision $30.51 (Adjust) Cara Whitmarsh $42.55 (Reim) Windstream $11,991.20 (Srv) Windstream Communications $1,717.11 (Srv) CLAIMS: $286,340.99; PAYROLL: $321,115.90; TOTAL: $607,456.89 ROAD CLAIMS: Allied Oil & Tire Company $2,574.44 (Srv) Ameripride Linen Supply Co $405.69 (Srv) Village of Avoca $49.00 (Srv) Bobcat of Omaha$32.44 (Srv) Comfort Inn $439.80 (Srv) Eakes Office Solutions $115.00 (Srv) Frontier Cooperative $5,681.60 (Srv) Village of Greenwood $194.59 (Srv) Hometown Leasing $123.40 (Srv) Meeske Ace Hardware $448.07 (Sup) Michael Todd & Co $5,506.58 (Srv) Midwest Service & Sales Co $45,900.00 (Srv) Mullenex Auto Supply Inc $172.37 (Sup) Murphy Tractor & Equip $3,665.04 (Sup) Nebraska Iowa Supply Co Inc $14,133.61 (Sup) NMC Exchange LLC $2,714.85 (Srv) Papillion Sanitations $297.87 (Srv)Pomp's Tire Service Inc $169.50 (Srv) Otoe County Rural Water District #3 $38.50 (Srv) Safety - Kleen Systems Inc $119.75 (Srv) Productivity Plus Account $427.81 (Srv) US Bank Voyager Fleet Sys $789.49 (Srv) Vermeer $300.00 (Srv) Whetrock Inc $4,089.24 (Srv) Wilbur Ellis $68.70 (Sup) CLAIMS: $88,457.34; PAYROLL: $62,070.04; TOTAL: $150,527.38 JUVENILE DIVERSION: $1,337.00 VISITOR PROMOTION: Carl Reichart $221.69 (Reim) Weeping Water Valley Historical $531.05 (Srv) CLAIMS: $752.74; PAYROLL: $961.50; TOTAL: $1,714.24 VISITOR IMPROVEMENT: Village of Elmwood $20,000.00 (Srv) TOTAL: $20,000.00 RECORD PRESERVATION: MIPS Inc $4,370.76 (Srv) TOTAL: $4,370.76 VETS AID: Veterans Aid Fund $5,000.00 (Srv) TOTAL: $5,000.00 E911: Barclay's $1,275.00 (Srv) DAS Central Finance $75.00 (Srv) Electronic Engineering $2,632.54 (Srv) OPPD $196.48 (Srv) Windstream $676.16 (Srv) TOTAL: $4,855.18 E911 WIRELESS: Windstream $2,475.65 (Srv) TOTAL: $2,475.65; OVERALL GRAND TOTAL: $797,737.101. CURRENT/REGULAR AGENDA: MOTION: Peterson moved, Sharp seconded to approve current agenda as prepared. Motion carried 5-02. PAST MEETING ATTENDED BY COMMISSIONERS: Sharp reported: NoneMcCartney reported attending the following Meetings: Testified at Plattsmouth City Hall regarding One Life Church parking issue, MAPA Finance Committee, Region 6 Governing Board, 5 Rivers RC&D and MAPA TTAC.Peterson reported: Discussions with Mark Rathe-Fair Board and Beth Ferrell-NACO regarding land purchase for fair groundsHenry reported: NoneMurdoch reported: None3.OPEN PUBLIC HEARING: None Scheduled4. Litigation & Legal Matters-S. Colin Palm, County Attorney: None Scheduled5. Road Matters-Lenny Thorne, Highway Superintendent: 5A.Discuss/Action- Authorize Chair to sign BNSF Railway CO Release and Settlement Agreement (Young Rd. Damage)MOTION: Henry moved, McCartney seconded to authorize chair to sign BNFS Railway Company Release and Settlement Agreement as presented. Motion carried 4-1, Sharp voting noThorne updated the board on projects and equipment.6.New Business & Unfinished Business: 6A.Discuss/Action- Judge Michael Smith, discuss hiring for the position of District Court Bailiff. Update only no action taken6B.Discuss/Action- Julie Harris- Bike Walk Nebraska, request signage on county roads for gap in MOPAC trailMOTION: McCartney moved to approve placement of signs along the MOPAC trail; MOTION FAILED DUE TO LACK OF SECONDMOTION: Peterson moved, Henry seconded to table request for signage on 334th and Alvo Road until the February 4th board meeting. Motion carried 5-0 6C.Discuss/Action- Roger Johnson- SID #5 request consent for the district to acquire (13) lotsMOTION: McCartney moved, Peterson seconded to give consent to SID to acquire 13 lots (1) 4119 Buccaneer Blvd, (2) 4121 Buccaneer Blvd, (3) 4127 Buccaneer Blvd, (4) 4128 Buccaneer Blvd, (5) 4126 Buccaneer Blvd, (6) 4124 Buccaneer Blvd, (7) 4116 Buccaneer Blvd, (8) 4114 Buccaneer Blvd, (9) 19423 Davy Jones Circle, (10) 3018 Davy Jones Circle, (11) 315 Fairway Circle, (12) 323 Fairway Circle, (13) 3314 Fairway Circle. Motion carried 5-06D.Discuss/Action- RES 2020-01 To continue to provide for the lawful constitutional right of the public for the election of county surveyor by the registered voters of Cass County, NE (tabled 1.7.2020)MOTION: Henry moved, Peterson seconded to adopt Resolution 2020-01 as prepared. Motion carried 5-06E.Discuss/Action- Authorize Clerk to process claim to pay 2017 taxes to the Cass County Treasurer for 602 Ave. A - Probation Bldg.MOTION: McCartney moved, Murdoch seconded to authorize clerk to process claim in the amount of $8,756.97 to the Cass County Treasurer for 2017 taxes for the Probation Building located at 602 Ave. A Plattsmouth, NE 68048. Motion carried 5-0BREAK: 8:50am 6F.Discuss/Action- Nebraska Strong & Cass County Long Term Recovery Group, update board on county flood recovery. Update given - no action taken. 6G.Discuss/Action- Mark Rathe, Cass County Fair Land purchaseRathe provided survey of the 15 acres the AG Society is interested in purchasing. Board members discussed price of land, Zoning of land and future land purchase for the Fair grounds. MOTION: Henry moved, Murdoch seconded to table for review until the February 4th board meeting. Motion carried 5-0 7.Other Business Matters/Public Input & Comments. 9:13am ADJOURN AS CASS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: MOTION: Henry moved, Murdoch seconded. Motion carried 5-0I, Gerri Draper, the undersigned Clerk of Cass County, Nebraska do hereby certify the above minutes were taken by me, and are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and are part of the official records of this office. I therefore set my hand and affix the County Seal this 21st day of January, 2020State of Nebraska)County of Cass) ss. Gerri DraperCass County ClerkWe, the undersigned Board of Commissioners of Cass County, Nebraska do hereby certify the above minutes are true and correct to the best of our knowledge, and are part of the official records of the Cass County Clerk's Office. We therefore set our hands this 21st day of January, 2020(1:30)20(43136)