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Warrior Training Branches
10th Degree Grand Master


James Rosenbach
• He has earned a PHD in Martial Arts Philosophy from the
University of Asian Martial Arts Studies
• Master Rosenbach has black belts in Taekwondo,
Hapkido, Ninjutsu, Sento Karate & Jujitsu
• Awarded Consummate Status Highest Rank Ever given by
Robert Bussey
• Instructor Rosenbach has been featured on the covers of
Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Fighting Stars,
Ninja Magazine & Others
• He has been featured in Who’s Who in Martial Arts
• Awarded Honorary Admiral in the Great Navy of
Nebraska by Govern Mike Johanns
• Master Rosenbach is on the International Soke Council,
Assistant to the Vice President of the Martial Arts Alliance
Organization & International Coach for the U.S.A.
National Martial Arts Team
• 2004 Honored by Dr. Jim Thomas by inducting Master
Rosenbach in to the Hall of Fame as the 2004
Ninjutsu Master
• Master Rosenbach has been inducted into the U.S.A.
Material Arts Hall of Fame & has been training &
teaching Martial Arts for over 45 years.


For many years James Rosenbach served as a high level instructor and partner to Robert Bussey
in his self protection system pioneered by Bussey known as Robert Bussy's Warrior International
established in 1977. He continued to teach in this system until R.B.W.I. ended after 20 years in 1997.
Since then Rosenbach has continued to offer, realistic self defense and Martial Arts classes to the
general public, in a safe and family oriented environment, through the organization knows as R.W.T.B.
(Rosenbach Warrior Training Branches.)

What RWTB has to offer:

• Lil Dragons - Ages 4-7 • Jr. Advanced Class - Ages 8-16
• Men & Women Coed Self Defense Class
• MMA Mixed Martial Arts Training
• Hapkido & Ninjustu Classes
• Weapons Form Development Class
• Jiujitsu • Combative Weapons


Grandmaster Rosenbach holds
Black Belts in 8 different styles:
• Ninjitsu
• Hapkido
• Tae Kwon Do
• Shorin Ryu Karate
• JiuJitsu
• Mixed Martial Arts

• Sento Karate
• RBWI - Holds the
highest Black Belt
rank ever given by
Robert Bussey

Rosenbach holds a 10th degree Black Belt
in Mixed Martial Arts and has a PHD in
Martial Arts Philosophy and Science.

Board Breaking

Robert Bussey
Co-Founder of RWTB - RBWI

Rosenbach was awarded Competitor of
the Year and National-Points Champion
along with being recognized by the
USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as
Ninjitsu Grandmaster of the Year,
Supreme Grandmaster of the Year,
Combat Martial Arts Grandmaster of the
Year, Zenith Award for Most Successful
School, Black Belt Instructor of the Year
and Pioneer Award.

Rosenbach has been recognized,
sanctioned and certified by the following
Martial Arts Organizations:
International Council of Martial Arts
Education, United States Alliance
United States Kido Federation,
ICAT Martial Arts Federation and
RBWI & Associates Organization,
and is the Fremont YMCA Martial Arts

Rosenbach demonstrates
at a recent MMA Event

Rosenbach throws a Spinning
Kick during Sparring
Grand Master
James Rosenbach
Rosenbach has been in the following
publications: Who’s Who in Martial Arts,
Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu
Magazine, Fighting Stars Magazine.
Rosenbach has also appeared on the
cover of every major martial arts magazine
and has written over 50 articles for national
martial arts publications.
Men, women, boy and girls classes
available for all ages and styles.
Check out our Lil’ Dragons class for
4, 5, 6 and 7 years olds.

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$10000 Enrollment Special

• Includes Membership • 1st Months Dues • Full Uniform
Call 402-721-7294 or Stop by 522 N. Main St. in Downtown Fremont
to Enroll & Become Part of our Martial Arts Family.


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