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Crossword puzzle

Do not forget
to help partner

probably should have played

by Phillip Alder
Althea Gibson was the first
top black tennis player. She
won 11 grand slam titles before becoming a golf professional. She explained, “I always wanted to be somebody.
If I made it, it’s half because I
was game enough to take a lot
of punishment along the way
and half because there were a
lot of people who cared enough
to help me.”
At the bridge table, when
you have the chance to help
your partner defend correctly,
do not dump the ball into the
In this deal, West leads the
club ace against four spades.
What happens after that?
When South opened one
spade, West might well have
made a takeout double. North
responded with one forcing
no-trump, showing 6-12 points
and fewer than four spades.
After South admitted to a sixth
spade, North jumped to game,
upgrading for the nine-card fit
and hoping that his diamond
suit would prove useful.
With the club queen in the
dummy, East did not need to
make an attitude signal. Instead, he gave count, playing
the seven to show an even
number of clubs. (Yes, he


the nine.) Then, when West
cashed the club king, it was
East’s chance to help his partner. Since he had a heart honor
and nothing in diamonds, he
played the club jack, his highest remaining club being a suitpreference signal for hearts,
the higher-ranking of the other
two side suits.
Now West knew it was safe
to lead away from his heart
king, and the contract failed,
the defenders taking two clubs,
one spade and one heart.


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