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Phillip Alder

Crazy wild deals
require guesswork

Bob Hope cracked, “’Virus’
is a Latin word used by doctors
to mean, ‘Your guess is as good
as mine.’”
We hate being faced with a
guess at the bridge table, but we
love it when we make an opponent guess. Describe your hand
as quickly as possible and jump
as high as possible immediately.
Do not two-step.
In this deal, at one table, West
passed over four diamonds, hoping that North would also pass.
But, no surprise, that did not happen. North doubled, and South
bid four hearts. Now West raised
to five diamonds, giving his opponents a fielder’s choice. North
doubled, and the contract went
down three, minus 500, more
than the value of the North-South
game -- if four hearts had made.
At this table, West immediately raised to five diamonds,
putting it to his opponents. North,
with four potential defensive
tricks, doubled. Then South was
not sure what to do. Eventually,
he bid five hearts.
West led the club king: ace,
two, eight. What happened next?
With nine trumps missing
the queen -- nine never -- the
textbooks advise cashing the ace
and king. However, when East is
known to have eight diamonds

and West only two, the odds
swing strongly in favor of finessing on the second round through
If South does that here, East
wins with his heart queen, then
must lead a low diamond. West
takes the trick and cashes two
However, it is probably better
to play off the two top hearts.
If the queen drops, great; if not,
South plays on spades to try to
discard his club losers before
West can ruff in.



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