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Fun an d Gam es

by Phillip Alder
the play that is only
in newspapers
Bill Tammeus, a journalist, wrote,
“Oil prices have fallen lately. We include
this news for the benefit of gas stations,
which otherwise wouldn’t learn of it for
six months.”
But by then, the price was no doubt
back above where it was in 1991, when
that was published.
All good newspapers carry a bridge
column! That is the most likely place to
find the defensive coup needed to defeat
today’s three-no-trump contract. What
happens after West leads his fourthhighest heart?
North’s game invitation showed
a balanced 9-count, or 8 points and a
five-card minor. South, adding 1 point
for his five-card suit, had no hesitation
in raising.
When this deal was played during an
online duplicate, at all tables, the play
began with a heart to the king, a heart
to the ace and a third heart to declarer’s
jack, East discarding a spade. Then the
declarers, knowing that they could not
afford to let West win a trick, played a
spade to the board and returned a club to
their king. When that held and the suit
proved to be 2-2, the Souths claimed
an overtrick. What was missed by the
They should have counted the points.
Dummy had 9, they had 9, and South
had 16 or 17. So, West had started with
5 or 6, and he had already produced the
heart ace. If West had only one more
jack, the contract was unbeatable. But
if he had the club queen, there was a
chance. At trick three, East should have
discarded his club ace and, here, gotten
herself or himself into multiple newspapers worldwide.