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Fun and Games

by Phillip Alder
The Gidwani Family Trust Defence
of the Year award from the International
Bridge Press Association went to two Canadians: Brad Bart (West) for his imaginative play and Danny Miles for the article.
Cover the East and South hands.
Against four hearts doubled, you lead the
diamond king: two, three (upside-down),
10. Given that you do not know where
the 13th diamond is (partner would have
played the three from four-three doubleton), how would you continue?
North’s redouble showed spades.
West judged that South was unlikely
to have bid four hearts with two immediate diamond losers. He also realized that
if he tried to cash the diamond ace and it
was ruffed, South would have been able to
draw at least one round of trumps and play
a spade. If West ducked, declarer would
have picked up East’s trumps with the aid
of a finesse and exited with his second
spade, endplaying West to revitalize the
diamond queen or open up clubs. Or, if
West won the first spade trick and returned
the spade queen, declarer would have
cashed dummy’s spade winners.
Shifting to a trump or a club would
have been equally ineffective.
Hoping that South had exactly two
spades, Bart found the only lethal play -he tabled the spade queen!
Declarer won with dummy’s king,
picked up the trumps and led his second
spade. However, West won and played the
diamond ace. South ruffed but then lost
two clubs and went down one.
Without South’s crazy four-heart bid,
there would have been no story ... or
prize money! South deserves a subsidiary