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(BPT) - If you’re building a new home,
you want it to be stylish, functional, and
of course, state of the art with the latest
technology advancements. Smart home
features are on top of the wish list for
homeowners, with 81 percent of homebuyers stating they would favor purchasing a home with smart accessories
already installed, according to Digitized
House. By building your own home, you
get the advantage of these features being
integrated seamlessly into the design.
Every year, smart home technology
gets better and better, with new trends
emerging that make homeowners’ lives
easier and more convenient than ever before. Here are some of the top smart home
trends of 2019 that you may want to integrate into your building plans:
Smart circuit breakers
For the most part, circuit breaker boxes
in traditional homes have remained unchanged for decades. The mysterious
gray box in your basement or garage is one
that you tend to avoid, but smart design
and technology is taking these load centers into the 21st century. Leviton’s new
load center with optional internet connectivity sends homeowners real-time
monitoring data and customizable alerts
to their smart devices.
How does it work? The Leviton Load
Center’s smart circuit breakers commu-

nicate with a Wi-Fi or Ethernet-enabled
data hub to report real-time status. Using the My Leviton App, homeowners can
conveniently monitor electrical usage per
circuit branch or specific appliance, safely turning breakers off remotely if needed.
Smart circuit breakers also report home
energy consumption, including historical
views by day, month or even year. The My
Leviton App also allows users to receive
alerts when a circuit breaker trips, or if a
circuit is using more energy than usual.
They can even set contractors as recipients of these notification and give them
secure access to their app’s panel view,
allowing them to troubleshoot remotely.
No more wondering if the stove was left
on - you’ll be able to see instantly.
More than just a simpler way to improve
your home’s safety, if you’re concerned
about your home’s energy output, Leviton’s smart circuit breakers provide realtime data on how each circuit is performing, as well as information on current and
historical costs - so you can make smarter
energy choices. Good for the environment and your utility bill. Learn more at
Smart comfort
You want to stay comfortable from season to season in your home, but you also
want to heat and cool it efficiently. Smart
temperature controls are making this

easier than ever for homeowners, allowing you to put the temperature decisions
virtually on auto-pilot.
Smart thermostats go beyond programmable thermostats by using technology to analyze heating and cooling usage and maximizing efficiency for when
you are home versus when you are gone.
Connected to an app on your phone, the
technology knows through your device’s
physical location if you are home or away
at work. It records patterns and begins to
make suggestions and adjustments based
on your lifestyle. These smart temperature controls allow you to make automatic adjustments remotely if necessary, so if
you’re headed home early, you can have
the house to your ideal temperature by
the time you arrive.
With access to historical energy use
data and temperature control charts,
you’ll be able to analyze your energy footprint and make informed decisions about
how you want to use your home’s heating
and cooling systems best for your comfort and for the environment.
Smart security systems
It’s amazing what modern home security can do when paired with smart home
technology. Not only will your home be
safer, but it will be more accessible, too.
For example, pair cameras with intelligent locks to let you know who is at your

door even when you’re away. If it’s your
child coming home from school, they can
be safely let into the house. If it’s a package delivery, you will know right away. If
it’s a package thief, you can be alerted and
take action through two-way audio before the police arrive. Smart cameras can
detect people, animals and things, making your spaces incredibly secure.
Smart sensors are also a big part of
the smart home security trend, bringing peace of mind to homeowners. These
sensors monitor environmental changes
in the home, so you’re alerted to air quality changes and other concerns such as
temperature fluctuations or smoke. For
example, you’ll know right away if high
levels of carbon monoxide are detected,
whether you’re at home or away.
Another way to keep your home safe is
by making it look like you are home when
you are away. Smart lighting options
such as the Leviton Decora Smart with
Wi-Fi Technology enables you to schedule lights to turn on and off throughout
the day from any location all through the
convenience of the My Leviton App.
When building a home, it’s important
to make it a smart home. These three
emerging areas are bringing the home
fully into the future with more innovations still to come.


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