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Fall Aeration and Seeding

Branden Clause - Turfgrass Manager

Summers can be tough on cool
season grasses like Fescue and
Bluegrass, when soil temperatures
heat up grass root development
slows down to just survival mode, in
the case of bluegrass, growth can
stop completely and go dormant to
survive extreme drought/heat stress.

In addition over the growing season
soils become compacted from traffic
from mowing, kids playing and even
rainfall. Otherwise inviting porous
soils tighten making it difficult for
grass roots to penetrate and thrive. But
when cooler and hopefully wetter fall
weather comes around again grasses
go into repair mode to thicken up and
re-establish. This is where we can
help. Besides maintaining adequate
soil moisture in the fall (late August
through September) compaction
should also be addressed. The most
effective way to do this is by opening
up the soil profile through core
aeration. A core aerator pulls plugs
to remove soil and thereby relieving
pressure allowing the soils around it
to loosen and become more porous.

An “aerator” with just steel tines
or spikes that makes holes without
pulling cores does just the opposite
by creating more compaction as it
forces soil out from the tine rather
than removing it.
While aeration can be done anytime
during the growing season the benefit
for the root system of your turf will
be maximized when the soil temps
are cool and turf roots are actively
growing…in the spring and fall, the
fall being preferred as it is also a
great time to overseed the turf after
aerating. Overseeding introduces
new turf varieties into the stand, filling
in the thin areas and speeding the
process toward a thicker healthier
turf that most homeowners strive for.

Fall seeding is also preferred because
soil temps are still warm enough to
germinate seed but are cooling down
to allow the seed to get established
and mature through the following
spring before it is challenged again by
summer heat.
Contact us to get on our list for fall
aeration and overseeding to get your
lawn back in shape for next season.



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