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Kill and Drill and the Benefits of Fescue over Bluegrass Kevin Popken - Nebraska Certified Arborist, President of the Nebraska Arborist Association, 2014 Nebraska Arborist of the year. Owner of Lawngevity Lawn and The Urban Tree. Twenty-five years ago we were seeing more challenges for bluegrass turf in our area. Root diseases like Pythium, Fusuarian and Summer patch were becoming increasingly common and killing out turf. While there have been fungicides available, the only effective fungicides were very expensive and required repeat applications for effective control and even then were limited. About twenty years ago we began proposing to our customers that it would be more cost effective to change the turf to something less susceptible to these diseases like turf type fescue. The process was simple, treat the turf with a non-selective herbicide and then when the turf was dead, drill in the new fescue seed into the dead stand of bluegrass. The dead thatch provides excellent cover for the new seed and will decay as the new turf takes over. At the time we did not think it as being anything revolutionary until we got calls from other states asking about the process. What is now a cost effective way to change out a lawn without sodding (at a tenth the price of sod) was not common 20 years ago. While Fescue has its own issues among which are… It gets “brown patch” more readily during humid conditions, it is not rhizomatous like bluegrass so it doesn’t self heal. The benefits far outweigh the downsides. It goes deeper for water so it can go longer between watering. It tolerates a higher soil ph so it is naturally greener than bluegrass in areas like ours that have a high soil ph. While it does have some disease susceptibility we find it is less likely to be killed by disease and responds quickly to fungicide, it also handles grub activity much better than bluegrass requiring less insecticide treatment. Over the years we have learned a lot about certain challenges that can arise with the process but we have always guaranteed that if we kill out a lawn we will do what is necessary to insure our Kill and Drill customers have a beautiful new turf. Thousands of lawns later that is still the case. The best time to Kill and Drill your turf is mid August through mid September. If you would like more information on the services we offer, call us today! 402-721-0873

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