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New Bladder Control
Pill Sales May Surpass
Adult Diapers By 2021

Drug-free discovery works, say doctors. Many adults
ditching diapers and pads for clinical strength pill
that triggers 24-hour bladder control.

By T.J. Roberts
Interactive News Media

INM — Over 150,000
doses have shipped to
bladder sufferers so far,
and sales continue to
climb every day for the
‘diaper replacing’ new pill
called BladderMax.
“We knew we had
a great product, but
it’s even exceeded our
expectations,” said Keith
Graham, Manager of Call
Center Operations for
“People just keep placing orders, it’s pretty
amazing,” he said.
But a closer look at this
new bladder control sensation suggests that maybe the company shouldn’t
have been caught off
guard by its success.
There are very good
reasons for BladderMax’s
surging popularity.
To begin with, clinical
studies show BladderMax
not only reduces embarrassing bladder leakages
quickly, but also works to
strengthen and calm the
bladder for lasting relief.
Plus, at just $2 per daily
dose, it’s very affordable.
This may be another
reason why American
diaper companies are
starting to panic over its’
BladderMax offers 24hour relief from bladder
control worries without
side effects,” says Diane
Lewis, Chief Researcher
for BladderMax.
“And seniors in clinical
studies reported a higher
quality of life in just days
as a result of needing less
diapers. That’s why so
many doctors nationwide
are now recommending it
to patients,” added Lewis.


BladderMax contains
a proprietary compound
with a known ability to
reduce stress, urgency,
and overflow leakages
in seniors suffering from
overactive bladder.
This compound is not
a drug. It is the active
ingredient in BladderMax.
naturally strengthens the
bladder’s muscle tone
while relaxing the urination muscles resulting
in a decrease in sudden
Many sufferers enjoy
a reduction in bathroom
trips both day and night.
Others are able to get
back to doing the things
they love without worrying about embarrassing
“I couldn’t sit through
a movie without having
to go to the bathroom
3-4 times,” says Theresa
GA. “but since using
BladderMax I can not only
sit through a movie, but I
can drive on the freeway
to another city without
having to immediately go
to the bathroom.”
With so much positive
feedback, it’s easy to see
why sales for this newly
approved bladder pill

As new pill gains popularity, products like these will
become unnecessary.

continue to climb every ingredients needed to
help strengthen bladder muscles to relieve
urgency, while reducing
LEAKAGES BY 79% frequency.
Plus, it helps relax bladThe 6 week clinical
study was carried out by der muscles allowing for
scientists in Japan. The complete emptying of the
results were published bladder.
in the Journal of Medicine
Pharmaceutical compound is known as
Science in 2001.
And with over 17 years
The study involved
seniors who suffered of medical use there have
from frequent and embar- been no adverse side efrassing bladder leakages. fects reported.
This is a bonus for
They were not instructed
to change their daily incontinence
routines. They were only who have been taking
told to take BladderMax’s prescription and over the
active ingredient every counter medications that
can cause dry mouth and
were constipation.
This seems to be
Taking BladderMax’s another reason why
active ingredient sig- BladderMax’s release has
nificantly reduced both triggered such a frenzy of
sudden urges to go and sales.
embarrassing urine leakBY U.S. MEDICAL
ages compared to the
In fact, many experi“Many of my patients
enced a 79% reduction in used to complain that
embarrassing accidents coughing, sneezing or
when coughing, sneezing, even getting up quickly
laughing or physical ac- from a chair results in
wetting themselves and
tivity at 6 weeks.
They also enjoyed a they fear becoming a
39% decrease in daytime social outcast,” reports Dr.
trips to the bathroom, and Clifford James M.D. “But
a 68% decrease in night- BladderMax changes all
time trips.
“BladderMax effectively
With these studies
medical doctors and treats urinary disorders,
overacresearchers have now specifically
proven BladderMax to be tive bladder,” said Dr.
a clinically effective treat- Christie Wilkins, board
ment for reducing embar- certified doctor of natural
rassing bladder leakages medicine.
“I use BladderMax evand incontinence.
The findings are im- eryday for my overactive
pressive, no doubt, but bladder. I also have my
sister and mother taking
results will vary.
But with results like it regularly as well,” said
these it’s easy to see why Dr. Jennifer Freeman, G.P.
thousands of callers are from NY.
jamming the phone lines FREMONT TRIBUNE
trying to get their hands
on BladderMax.


Studies show that as
many as one in six adults
over age 40 suffers from
an overactive bladder and
embarrassing leakages.
“Losing control of when
and how we go to the
bathroom is just an indication of a weakening of
the pelvic muscles caused
by age-related hormonal
changes,” says Lewis.
“It happens in both men
and women, and it is actually quite common.”
The natural compound
found in BladderMax
contains the necessary


This is the official
release of BladderMax
in Nebraska. And so, the
company is offering a
special discount supply
to any person who calls
within the next 48 hours.
Hotline has been set up for
local readers to call. This
gives everyone an equal
chance to try BladderMax.
Starting at 7:00 am today, the order hotline will
be open for 48-hours. All
you have to do is call TOLL
FREE 1-800-853-3154.
The company will do the
BladderMax’s recent media exposure, phone lines
are often busy. If you call,
and do not immediately
get through, please be
patient and call back.
Current supplies of
BladderMax are limited.
So consumers that don’t
get through to the order
hotline within the next
48-hours will have to wait
until more inventory is
produced. This could take
as long as six weeks.

These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. This Product Is Not
Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease. All Clinical Studies On BladderMax’s Active
Ingredient Were Independently Conducted And Were Not Sponsored By The Makers Of BladderMax.


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