Details for LINCOLN FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK - Ad from 2019-11-13

Lifetime Checking

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on balances UP TO $15,000
if qualifications are met • 402-721-8696
*Annual percentage yield (APY) effective on date of publication and subject to change without notice. $50.00 minimum amount to
open. Fees may reduce earnings. 3.04% APY for qualified customers only. Qualified customers must hold a balance between $.01
and $15,000.00 and are subject to qualifying account activities. All of the following account activities must be met each statement
cycle to qualify: have 16 point-of-sale debit card transactions post and settle to account, receive E-Statements, and log-in
to online banking. If account qualifications are met, balances from $15,000.01-$30,000.00 will receive an APY of 1.57%-3.04%,
$30,000.01-$50,000.00 will receive an APY of 1.04%-1.57%, $50,000.01-$100,000.00 will receive an APY 0.77%-1.04% and balances
over $100,000.01 will receive an APY of 0.77%-0.75%. If qualifications are unmet the APY is 0.01%.


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