If Claire Hein was nervous, she didn’t show it.

The 9-year-old Fremont girl tossed a yellow tennis ball in the air and her dog, Daisy, leaped up and caught it.

Claire was biding her time before the agility contest of the dog show. The show took place on Friday afternoon at the Dodge County Fair in Scribner.

As youth and adults waited for the competition, Claire’s mom expressed confidence in her daughter’s abilities.

“She’s dose just fine,” said Katy Hein of Claire who competed in the 4-H horse show last week. “She gets nervous right before and when she goes to perform, she does even better than when she practices. She shines under pressure.”

This is Claire’s first year for participating in the 4-H dog show and she planned to compete in the agility, showmanship and obedience classes.

Her black and white dog, Daisy, is a 2-year-old border collie-Australian shepherd mix dog.

Claire said she’s competing with Daisy who’s smarter and more playful than the family’s other dog, Millie, a black Labrador retriever.

“She’s very lazy,” Claire said of Millie.

But Millie does have her good points.

“She likes to snuggle,” Claire said.

As she waited to take Daisy to the agility course, Claire tossed the ball for her dog, while the girl’s mom watched nearby.

Hein is familiar with 4-H and arenas. She was in 4-H and showed horses while living in Cass County.

Now a pharmacist at the Scribner Drug Store, Hein knows how youth can benefit from 4-H.

“It’s more than just the competition,” Hein said. “It’s about building a relationship with your animal and the responsibility that comes with it.”

Hein knows how 4-H has helped her in life.

“It sets the stage for knowing how to be a good employee, a good supervisor, how to be a good human,” she said. “It sets the stage for building relationships and making accomplishments.”

Hein said 4-H helps kids learn flexibility. She cited the recent situation of a boy in the club who worked all year with his dog, but the animal was unable to compete in the show.

“So he found another agility dog and is going to make the best of it with a good attitude and we’re proud of him,” she said.

She noted something else.

“4-H is about building friendships and supporting each other,” Hein said.

Claire had plenty of support on Friday.

Friends from the 4-H horse club, school and church came to watch Claire and Daisy compete in the dog show.

And Claire and Daisy won the agility class on Friday.

“She was excited,” her mom said.

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