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Members of Anytime Fitness in Fremont have gained a new space to help them reach their fitness goals as the local gym recently unveiled its new fitness studio.

The fitness studio, which has added 3,000 additional square feet to the gym at 2415 E 23rd Street, provides new fitness opportunities. The purple turf covered open space allows for new training exercises, and also features new functional training stations.

“In our fitness studio, members have access to custom designed functional training stations where they can quickly move from one functional exercise to the next,” Jeremy Hoffman, Director of Health and Fitness at the gym, said. “We view functional training as an exercise for the entire body using natural movement patterns that will help an individual in everyday life whether they are stooping, bending, twisting, or lifting – it is designed to enhance life and movement.”

Along with the functional training stations, the new space and turf flooring allows for a variety of new exercise options that weren’t previously available at the gym.

“In addition to our training stations, the fitness studio provides our members with many additional exercise options that are only available with wide-open space such as sprints, box jumps, agility ladders, hurdles, and sled pushes,” Hoffman said.

The space, which was previously used for offices, also now serves as the gym’s dedicated training session space.

“We knocked down a couple walls, and we were using it as offices, but this is a way better usage of space,” Nate McElroy, manager of Anytime Fitness, said. “There are just a lot more uses, it adds a whole new element to training and all of our personal training sessions are back here as well, it just gives us a lot more options.”

Anytime Fitness’ four health and wellness coaches utilize the fitness studio to teach a variety of live classes which offer instruction at times ranging from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

The functional training stations that were installed as part of the expansion each have their own dedicated equipment ranging from battle ropes to TRX suspension systems.

“It’s (TRX suspension systems) a way to use your body weight as an effective way to do strength training,” Hoffman said. “It takes pressure of the joints, the back, and the hips and kind of allows you to really attack the muscles you are trying to work.”

Anytime Fitness has also embraced new technology in connection with the opening of its turf covered fitness studio.

“In trying to stay on the leading edge of fitness technology, we incorporated a wearable technology platform in our fitness studio that will monitor our members’ heartrates in addition to providing other valuable information to our members and coaches in real time,” Hoffman said. “The information can be viewed both in our fitness studio and on each member’s smartphone. It’s a great way to stay accountable.”

Along with the goal of improving people health through a new fitness studio, Anytime is also making an effort to improve health locally by holding a food drive that will provide meals to people throughout the holiday season.

“We are donating everything to Low Income Ministry, basically members, non-members, anyone from the public can bring in their canned goods,” McElroy said. “At the end of November we will drop everything off down there and it is geared toward Christmas so everyone can have a great meal during the holidays.”

Fremont’s local Anytime Fitness is also taking part in the company’s Burn The Turkey campaign, which encourages gym members and their friends to share photos and videos of workouts while using the hashtag #BurnTheTurkey.

For every hashtag used from November 15-24, Anytime Fitness will donate $1 to Feeding America. The Feeding America network is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Their network of food banks provides more than 4 billion meals to communities across the United States through food pantries and meal programs.

“It’s a companywide effort so hopefully we help out a ton of people for the holidays,” McElroy said.

For more information about anytime fitness, and their new expansion, visit their website at or their Facebook page at



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