Ellen Janssen (Ward 1)

What do you see as important aspects of leadership in Fremont city and/or Dodge County?

“Clarity of purpose, solid convictions and transparency in actions are vital to any leader. At the core, elected officials are representatives of those who elected them; therefore, truly hearing the concerns and values of constituents is paramount. I also believe being a voice for and protecting those who cannot speak for themselves is a core responsibility that I take very seriously.”

What do see for Fremont and/or Dodge County’s future? “I see Fremont as a community that young families will want to move to and raise their children. With all of our educational options, proximity to Omaha and strong job market we are an excellent fit for young professionals and new families.”

How would you get to that future?

“Fremont is a community with an ideal location for farmers, small business owners, families and individuals alike. With the quality of our infrastructure, positives of our community, as well as our ideal location we are prime for development and opportunity.”Official Stance on the proposed poultry operation coming to Fremont/Dodge County area?

With development of this size Janssen says pros and cons exist. She emphasized several important aspects: Location is extremely important, environmental impacts need to be known, and assurance that the Costco will be good corporate citizens. Janssen tends to favor growth and procurement of jobs for future generations, especially for the agricultural community. She also pointed out the need to answer the unknowns: impacts on local schools and environmental concerns.

“I believe that careful negotiations and thoughtful crafting of contracts can be used to assure any company receiving benefits from the community, such as TIF, holds up their end of the deal. I, like you, look forward to learning more.”

Additional: “As a mom of a young family who will grow up in Fremont, it will be a main concern of mine to ensure that our schools are a priority and that we foster an environment and community that is a desirable place to raise a family and to retain our children as future residents for generations to come.”

Michael Kuhns (Ward 3)

What do you see as important aspects of leadership in Fremont city and/or Dodge County?

Kuhns list good qualities every leader needs: communication, tenacity, analyze challenges efficiently, flexibility and perseverance.

“The greatest skill a true leader can utilize is the ability to surround himself/herself with quality people who share like and opposite ideology, and possess the ability to incorporate a healthy balance between the two thought processes.

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He says leaders must collect sufficient and pertinent information on issues, review the challenge from all sides, discuss and analyze with other leaders and followers, then reach a conclusion beneficial to the community.

What do see for Fremont and/or Dodge County’s future?

Fremont is entering an exciting era, Kuhns says.

“An enormous amount of involvement and coordination between City staff, the Fremont Area Chamber, the Greater Fremont Development Council, the Downtown Improvement District Board and Mainstreet of Fremont have assisted in recruiting and securing new business and positive growth opportunities for Fremont and the surrounding area.”

Kuhns believes those groups are instrumental in opportunities to improve aging infrastructure.

“These efforts are critical to area growth and in seeking additional provisions to retain our area youth and talent in the community and workforce.”

How would you get to that future?

First, Kuhns states Fremont needs to increase joint opportunities between the City and Dodge County. He adds that increased coordination can result in significant cost reductions. He explains that Fremont needs to continue researching and applying for state and federal grants providing ample budget funding for new projects and also to aid in updating important infrastructure such as new street construction and repairs, upgrading facilities such as the police station, fire station, the City Auditorium.

Official Stance on the proposed poultry operation coming to Fremont/Dodge County area? “Nebraska’s economy is primarily agriculture industry based. We have attained efforts to make the Dodge County area a livestock friendly location. We rely heavily on crop investments, and beef and pork production.”

Poultry production would be a balanced fit. Kuhns says Costco great reputation represents superb customer service and also extreme employee satisfaction.

Costco will invest in creating new jobs with adequate wage base and superior benefit packages. Advanced European technology in the poultry industry will successfully address all environmental and ecological challenges and issues.

“We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Costco on a project of this proportion and impact to the community and surrounding area.”

Additional: No additional provided.

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