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Although alcohol and exercise might not seem like good bedfellows, a new event being held at Wine Experience will provide the chance for people to spend a relaxing evening with help from the pairing of a glass of wine and an hour of yoga.

“Everybody needs a wind down,” Molly Bird, yoga instructor and owner of Simply Strong, said. “We all have stress in life and we need to find a release or just a way to wind down and to have an outlet. My flyer says, ‘Sometimes you need yoga, sometimes you need wine, let’s do both and call it balance.’”

Bird will be instructing an upcoming wine and yoga class at Wine Experience, 415 N Main St., in downtown Fremont. The yoga class will be held from 6-7 p.m. on Sept. 20.

The idea to pair the two, and hold the event at Wine Experience, came when Bird was attending a bridal shower at the local wine bar.

“I was just kind of walking around and having a glass of wine,” she said. “I had never been there before and I introduced myself to Mark (Peters) and said, ‘You should let me teach a yoga class here,’ halfway kidding.”

To Bird’s surprise Peters, who owns and operates Wine Experience, was receptive to the idea right off the bat.

“He was like, ‘Yeah, I’d let you do that,’ and I had him right there and so I nailed him down to it right then and there,” Bird laughed.

And so the idea of yoga at Wine Experience was born.

The cost to attend the class will be $15 and includes both the class and a glass of wine, and Bird is encouraging participants to come a little bit early and stay a little late to enjoy camaraderie and, of course, more wine.

She also encourages participants to enjoy conversation with some of the new friends they make at the class.

According to Bird, the class will start at 6 p.m. with a cheers.

“Another way wine and yoga kind of correlate is that part of my yoga practice is being grateful and finding ways to be thankful,” she said.

She likes making a toast, which people name or talk about something for which they are grateful or are celebrating.

“So we are going to start with a gratefulness exercise, which is really just a cheers,” she said.

She also plans to incorporate drinking a glass of wine into several yoga poses during the actual class.

“Some of our poses, we are going to be holding our wine glass. We might do a sun salutation and have a moment to take a sip,” she said.

Bird will also be joined by fellow yoga instructor Beth Christopher Krause, as the pair will partner to teach the class.

“She’s an amazing instructior and a great friend of mine,” Bird said. “We’ve taught together a lot and partner a lot for a lot of things that we do.”

Having two instructors will also help with the instruction of the class as Bird plans on yoga students filling both the front and back rooms of Wine Experience.

“My thought was we will use the back room, but the event is seeming like it’s going to be pretty big, so we will probably take up the whole space,” she said. “There are different rooms, so that’s where it will really come in handy to have Beth and I both together.”

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats if they have them, but Bird will also have extra yoga mats for participants to use as well.

She also added that the yoga class will be practiced barefoot.

Depending on the response and success of the first class on Sept. 20, Bird says she plans on continuing to hold more wine and yoga events at Wine Experience.

“There will be more; This is just the first one,” she said. “We will see how it goes, but we definitely plan to do it more.”

Along with being a yoga instructor, Bird is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to fitness as she is also a certified physical trainer, powerlifting coach, kettle bell trainer, as well as a certified youth strength and conditioning and tumbling coach.

She practices her many iterations of fitness training through her business Simply Strong.

Along with having a small studio just outside of Fremont for private clients, she mainly works out of Kartwheel Kids tumbling gym at 1840 N. Bell St.

“I also do a lot of in-home training and travel to Omaha for clients and workshops fairly often,” she said.

Bird encourages individuals interested in signing up for the yoga and wine class, or other personal training services, to do so by visiting her website or by visiting her facebook page — under the name Simply Strong.

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